Harold The Scarecrow Mask

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Remember the scary stories you would tell when you were camping or having a slumber party? Now, you can make them come alive with this Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark- Harold the Scarecrow Mask. Harold will come to life again when you slip on this incredible replica mask. This detailed mask has long dead hair, blank eyes, and multiple scares just like Harold. This full head mask comes with a neck noose and burlap looking collar. Simply, add a baggy shirt, and pants, ( not included) to pull off the entire look. This also can be used to create your own scarecrow prop. But, it comes with a warning, always be nice to Harold, if not you just never know what might happen.©2020 CBS

Features: (1) Mask
Full over the head Mask
Incredible Detail
Can be worn or used to create your own prop
Latex Mask, comfortable fit
Packaging: Plastic Bag
Material: Latex