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The Best Kid-Friendly Elementary School Mascots

The Best Kid-Friendly Elementary School Mascots

The Best Kid-Friendly Elementary School Mascots

As you might have seen, almost all schools, be it Elementary, Middle, or High schools, have their unique mascots. These mascots serve as important signs and an ambassador for the school.

A mascot is a figure or a representation of a human, an animal, or a character that represents your entire organization. A school mascot is typically one which is featured in either logos or in the branding material which is published by your school. It creates a sense of uniqueness and the better your Mascot is, the better your organization will stand out from the crowd.

While one might think it's okay to choose anything as a mascot for your Elementary School, in reality, it is not! You need to choose a relevant mascot, one which would suit the theme of your school. These mascots must also have one thing in particular - the mascot you will choose must be kid-friendly. Your school is going to be filled with kids, but if you don't have a pleasing mascot, there will be fewer children's attention towards your school, and thus your school might not grow as big as you had desired. 

For a mascot to be deemed kid-friendly, it must have a - cute face, brilliant happy eyes, cheering body language, look fluffy, and most importantly have bright colors that kids love. Keeping all this in mind, later going forward and the seemingly straightforward task of choosing a kid-friendly mascot costume for your Elementary might become as daunting as hell. You might look all over your neighborhood but not find the right costume for yourself. Nevertheless, you need not worry anymore! Because we have got you covered!

Further, there are a few more prominent problems with mascot costumes - usually, they are enormous, thick, and heavy. They are hard to breathe in, the wearer gets exhausted quickly and sweats profusely. Further, a large amount of the mascot costumes are poorly made and don't last, and look poor quality as well. But there's no need for you to worry about such mascots anymore! We have the best costumes which are free from all these problems!

Today we present to you the best kid-friendly mascots that schools and the children in it will love for sure. These mascots not only look cute, but they are highly comfortable and made out of the best quality fabrics available out there. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee as we help you to find the best Mascot costume which will satisfy all your needs, and no you don't have to do anything else.

Note:- The actual mascot costume may vary slightly from the images shown. Accessories, if any, might not be included. Prices included in this article are subject to change without any prior warning. Please examine the product descriptions for more information. Reader discretion is highly recommended.

  1. Dalmatian Dog Mascot Costume

Hey there, you costume enthusiast readers. Let's be honest with ourselves, who doesn't love cute animals? On top of that, who would not love a cute Dalmatian! Dalmatians are a popular breed of dog, considered to be one among the good breeds and they are distinguished by their white color with patches of black spots all over their body. They usually aren't fleshy, rather skinny but are highly active. On top of that, it looks extremely adorable. All kids would love this mascot costume. The special feature of this costume is that it is extremely soft, with no hard parts and you can wear it with your shoes on (it will cover your shoes). This special costume comes over to you straight from France - probably one of the best places where you can obtain high-quality costumes and clothing. This mascot is made with the best-in-class materials available out there. It also has a high-quality screen on the inside to see outside - no holes. You can order this special mascot for your school today.

Costumes :

Dalmatian Dog Costume One Size — The Costume Shop - $844.88

  1. Squirrel Mascot Costume

Squirrels are super cute, aren't they? We all, no matter if we are kids or adults, we love them. It's due to this lovable appearance of these squirrels they make for an extremely great and successful mascot for elementary schools. This mascot has all the features a mascot costume for elementary schools should have. It is soft, cute, and is highly attractive for kids. It also appears to be extremely joyful and wanting to play. 

Not only do they look good on the wearer, but they also feel distinctly comfortable. They are made out of a special "thermolite" material making them thinner than ordinary foam costumes, have good ventilation and heat dissipation. Each of these costumes can be equipped with normal or padded feet - for indoor and outdoor uses respectively. They have a screen for seeing outside (so no holes and the wearer's face remains hidden), and each costume comes with a free motorized fan fitted inside for air circulation within the suit - which runs on a battery.

It is further to be noted, you can customize these as per your own needs - custom colors for each part, as you may like. Each costume is handmade within the United States itself. Don't think more if you think this costume is the right mascot for your Elementary School and grab one of these for your school.

Costumes :

Squirrel Mascot Costume — One Size — Thermolite — The Costume Shop - starting from $1478.88

  1. Sun with Sunglasses Mascot Costume

As one might know, kids love anything which is extremely bright and cheerful. There is nothing in this whole wide world that is more cheerful than the big bright sun in the sky. If you are looking for something bright which catches the attention of the children - this is the definite costume for you. This sun mascot also has a slight tinge of coolness in it - all because of the sunglasses it wears. 

This one size fits all costume also is extremely appealing with bright yellow colors which grab everyone's attention. On top of that, this costume is again made with highly comfortable, breathable, and durable material which guarantees comfort for the costume wearer. Each one of these costumes comes handcrafted from France, and these also have a screen on the inside for seeing out - again no holes in costume. The material is exceptionally lightweight. The bundle of this Sun Mascot also has no rigid parts, has matching gloves, and can be worn with shoes on. You might check out one of these cheerful little unique costumes down below.

Costumes :

Sun with Sunglasses – One Size Mascot – The Costume Shop - $996.88

  1. Red Macaw Mascot Costume

Red Macaws are some of the most prominent birds which are found in the equatorial rainforests, mainly in Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru. These birds are highly brilliant and attractive. They possess bright colored feathers and are an absolute masterpiece of divinity nature's elegance when they spread out their wings to fly out in the vast blue sky. Their red wings strikingly stand out against the blue sky. Such vivid colors are also bound to snatch the spotlight of curious little children in elementary school, making this Red Macaw Mascot Costume a great mascot for your school, which kids will adore.

Again, these costumes are designed straight out in the United States by highly skilled artisans and craftsmen. Each one of these pieces of art is made out of the best quality of substances available out there in the market and is soft, fluffy and I can assure you, it is such a costume that any kid on catching a small glimpse of this, cannot resist their urge to hug it (yes I want to hug it too now). 

Additionally, the costume is extremely lightweight and durable, weighing in at approximately 12 pounds, 4 pounds for the head alone. No hard parts whatsoever, with a screen for clear vision on the inside. On top of all this, there is a free motorized fan that runs on batteries, ensuring good airflow in the suit. This suit is thin as well - and comes with the options of normal or padded feet depending on your own needs. Additional color customizations can be made to the costume as well if you wish. This mascot is reasonably priced judging by the quality and substance it brings over to you and we highly recommend you to buy this one.

Costumes :

Red Macaw Mascot – One Size Fits All – The Costume Shop - starting from $1478.88

  1. White and Brown Rabbit Mascot Costume

Rabbits are those animals that are loved by people in all corners of the world, be it adults or young ones. These rabbits might be available in several colors out there, but white and brown rabbits seem to be the most popular among all of them. They are awfully cute and are loved by all. Their hair is soft to touch, are incredibly swift and agile, and most importantly, they are adorable. Any kid in elementary school will love these costumes.

These mascot costumes are made in the US as well, by extremely skilled craftspeople, and they are made with the highest quality of materials available in the country. Each costume comes completely cushioned, extremely light, and thin. Further, the headpiece rests on your shoulders rather than the head, so there is no neck pain even after repeated long-term use. Each of these costumes also comes with a screen on the inside for a clear vision of the outside world. Suit us extremely thin, facilities good ventilation, and we additionally provided a battery operated fan inside. These costumes come with normal or padded feet. Further, if you need, each of these mascot costumes allows you to specify your colors.

This costume is extremely soft and would serve as a good ambassador for your institution if you want it to be portrayed as playful and joyous.

Costumes :

White Bunny Mascot – One Size – The Costume Shop - starting from $1328.88

Brown Rabbit Mascot Costume – Thermolite – The Costume Shop - starting from $1328.88

  1. Happy Hippos Mascot Costume

You might have not expected this type of costume to be on the list, right? Well, we are here to show you it's not at all right of you to think this. Hippos can look cute. These hippos, which you think aren't cute, can be adored. But for this to happen it is necessary that the costume is well made and also that the costume is cute. Seeing this costume, anyone will agree hippos are super duper cute. These hippos might look stupid but look loving at the same time.

These are made in France, from high-end fabrics, have soft materials, and have a screen for seeing outside clearly. These costumes are lightweight, similar to the other costumes, and have feet you can use with shoes on. Further, these costumes also allow you to choose between a male and a female variant! You can select whatever matches your needs. This costume is one you should consider if you want a brilliant yet unique mascot. 

Happy Hippo Mascots – Male & Female – The Costume Shop - $828.88

  1. Happy Koala Mascot

Koalas are herbivores who live on trees. These animals just like to sit around and eat leaves on the tree, sometimes doing nothing else. On top of all of this, they are highly adorable and are loved. Kids, on seeing a koala, whether it be the TV or a movie or in a zoo, they go nuts, jumping around and doing what not to see it. Using a koala bear as your school's mascot can prove to be an effective strategy.

This costume is very similar to our past happy hippo costume - soft lightweight comes with hands, head, and feet. Extremely soft and free from any hard parts, making it suitable for those who value safety. Each costume is thin and well ventilated and allows you to wear your shoes as well. We highly recommend any Elementary School to get this cute little mascot for themselves, it's super cute and kids are bound to come to your school. We are sure the kids in your school are going to love it, and on buying it, all we can say is that your business shall be booming.

Costumes :

Happy Koala Mascot Costume (One Size) – The Costume Shop - $828.88

  1. Cat Mascot Costume

You can ask any human being, of any age, from any walk of life, about what they think is the cutest animal of all. Although it's not a hundred percent, yet more than half of the answers would say the same - "cats". After all, these feline friends of ours are the most active and playful, and seeing them is bound to fill one's mind with passion and joy. This does the same over with the kids who see them. Any kid will love a cat and since we want kid-friendly mascots for our Elementary school, this mascot is a perfect choice. Further, cats are one of the best friends of human beings, making them a purr-fect ambassador for your Elementary School.

This mascot is again made from high-quality, durable fabrics, each product is handmade and has undergone rigorous testing, and does not get spoiled easily. They can also be washed later. There are no hard parts in this costume. The costume fits snugly around your body, and this has no externally visible holes - the vision being through a digital screen fitted inside. This costume, despite being made of such high-quality materials, is reasonably priced. Each costume is thin and lightweight with no hard parts, for the safety of the wearer. Costumes can be worn with your ordinary shoes on (your shoes are inside the costume). Each kid seeing this will want to live with this cat and hug it all day. This mascot is perfect if you want your elementary school to stand out and reach incredible heights.

Costumes :

Cat Mascot Costume – One Size Fits Most – The Costume Shop - $928.88

  1. Monkey Mascot Costume

Monkeys might seem stupid to many, and that is understandable. This is because humans and monkeys are related, and humans are stupid, so are the monkeys. However, let's keep the jokes apart, monkeys despite looking quite stupid and unappealing, yet do not stop being cute in any way. These monkeys are great entertainers and human children love them profoundly. They are among some of the most loved children's costume mascots.

This special costume is made especially for you upon ordering, by skilled craftsmen in the United States. This costume is extraordinarily thin and lightweight, made out of best-in-class materials. This also has a special material called "Thermolite" which is extremely lightweight when compared with ordinary foam. This fits perfectly on the head of the wearer, and there is a special screen on the inside for seeing the outside. The costume weighs approximately 9 pounds, which is extremely less for a mascot costume. The headpiece weighs around 3 pounds. Each costume also comes preloaded with a 9V fan to keep air flowing in the suit and keep the wearer cool and comfortable for longer periods. Also, each costume can be customized with your own unique colored monkeys - yeah you can even make them colored like the bored apes. The monkey colors are all up to you, and you can also choose between padded and ordinary feet. This makes it a good mascot for most Elementary Schools as students love it.

Costumes :

Brown Monkey Mascot Costume – One Size – Thermolite – The Costume Shop - starting from $1386.88

  1. Butterfly Mascot Costume

We had a lot of animals on this list of mascots. Now it's better if we include something a bit different and diverse - insects! We might all know there are a vast variety of insect species which are spread all over the world - some beautiful and some ugly. While ugly insects might not be liked by students, they will like the pretty ones, especially when portrayed as a big mascot. And among all insects out there, the prettiest and the most loved ones are - as a common man might know - butterflies.

Butterflies are one of the most delicate and intricate species of insects known to us. These butterflies are highly popular mainly for their vivid colors and the beauty they add to the places they go over to. Thus if you are looking for a mascot which is colorful, beautiful, and delicate looking at the same time - this might be for you.

These costumes are extremely vivid. They are again, like all the Mascot costumes on this list, made out of the best quality materials. These are designed to cover the wearer from head to the toe - with colorful materials which all children love. This costume is extremely thin and lightweight, while being extravagantly soft at the same time, just like a cushion. This costume also has great quality feet which allow you to walk around easily without slipping or any troubles. This costume also looks very cute and charming and is bound to attract all the children. This costume might be one of the best choices an elementary school could take over for itself. Grab one of these for your own school right away. It is to be noted that although the manufacturer doesn’t specify custom colors for the Mascots, yet the colors are highly attractive and a large variety of them are already made available to you. 

Costumes :

Yellow Butterfly Mascot Costume – One Size – The Costume Shop -  - $996.88

Blue Butterfly Mascot Costumes – One Size – The Costume Shop - $996.88

Green Butterfly Mascot Costumes – One Size – The Costume Shop - $996.88

Now we hope that since you have received such a vast and elaborate list of Mascot costumes for your own Elementary school - along with the features of each of the costumes and what makes them likable, we hope that you may now be able to make the right choice as to which Mascot Costume might act as a perfect ambassador for your school. We are highly confident that choosing our mascots will take your school business to great heights, you had never dreamt of and make one of the best Elementary schools in your area.

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