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The six best and six worst NFL mascots

The six best and six worst NFL mascots

The six best and six worst NFL mascots

There is less and less time left in the countdown for the euphoria of the NFL and less than a month away we bring you some elements that are little taken into account, but that give a lot of fun week after week in the League: mascots.

With dance, great characterization, a lot of enthusiasm, energy and flavor, these characters add another flavor to what we live in the grills and without them, things would not be the same.

Professional sports exist as one more option for entertainment, going to a stadium to watch a game live is one of the best experiences a fan can have, for many reasons: the game, the atmosphere, the fans and, without a doubt, the pets. It is normal for all professional teams to seek to generate a greater identity with their fans, with children, with adults, with everyone and mascots play an important role there, in addition to being a face of the same team, it is fun to see them in games. That's why here we present all the mascots in the NFL, starting with those of the American conference.

Professional team mascots should be icons that give identity to a team, in which fans feel identified with them to encourage their teams and also serve to bring the little ones closer to the team.

In the NFL of the 32 teams, 4 of them do not have an official mascot, they are the New York Giants, the New York Jets, the Green Bay Packers and the Washington Redskins, although after this count, I think there should be more teams without pet.

I present what I think are the six best mascots and the six worst mascots in the NFL.

Finally here it is:


1. Billy Buffalo of the Buffalo Bills.

Since 2003 Billy the Buffalo has cheered on fans of the New York State team.

A blue buffalo, what better mascot to represent the Bills. most extravagant mascots of the League who is also a period romantic who is in charge of animating, making and falling in love with the females of the stands. If you see him and you're single, stay away.

2. Staley the Bear of the Chicago Bears

An old bear and Bears fan. It reminds me of the animatronics that were in Helens or Showbiz when he was little. a very funny representative who tries to give them good luck like the colt that he is. However, it's more the laughs he provides than the touchdowns.

It's good that my team misses if it has a good pet

3. Seattle Seahawks Blitz

Between the uniform, colors, team attitude and this mascot, it's a cool team.

Without a doubt the best are the Seahawks, The seahawks jr mascot is called boom, maybe a reference to the legion of boom. 

The former mascots of the seahawks have Pete Carol's hairstyle

4. Thousands of the Denver Broncos

The horse with a human body and a cynical smile represents the Denver Broncos is inevitable to let out a giggle wherever we are. Egg Miles of the Denver Broncos is the most passionate, he puts a ton of energy into it when the Broncos make a touchdown. It's a sight to see every time they play in Denver.

5. Poe of the Baltimore Ravens

This raven I found out had 2 more brothers named Edgar and Allan, now only Poe remains. In honor of the legendary poet and writer, born in Baltimore, the Ravens paid tribute to him with their three mascots, which are ravens. Sometimes it's only visible in big Poe, but boy are they three laughing animals.

6. Big Red of the Arizona Cardinals

A Cardinal would normally have no way for him to have attitude and represent an NFL team, but Big Red pulls it off. (My good friend Rafa goes with the Cardinals because he says they look like the Angry Birds.)

He is charismatic, a little elongated, being very long-lived with more than 35 years! He looks like a grandfather

 Raiders mascot scares me to find myself under the bed at night

Six worst NFL Mascots

6. Captain Fear of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

He's obviously a pirate, but there's something scary about his eyes. besides his expression is as if he had stomach upsets all the time.

 5 Sir Purr of the Carolina Panthers

A black panther that looks more like a kitten, uses institutional colors, but is he really a mascot for a football team? she is too pretty and adorable to be.

the eyes are cool, he has a rivalry with the most of jackson neville, he looks like a kitten

 The one from Jaguares is the best along with its pool, it's a shame that the team is a disaster: v

4 Gumbo and Sir Saint, the mascot of the New Orleans Saints

The official mascot is Gumbo and they have or had another named Sir Saint.

Gumbo is a Saint Bernard dog that has nothing to do with the Saints, but hey. Sir Saint is another frightening thing, he is like a face with a scrotum-shaped jaw.

 3 T.D. Miami Dolphins mascot

Since September 17, 2006, the Colts have Blue as their official mascot. On their section of the team website they document that their favorite food is the grass at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Of course it had to be a dolphin, but with well-made and eye-catching mascots, this is a skinny dolphin who also has a helmet that seems to be too small for him and in that helmet he has a pet dolphin. AWFUL!!

Yes, the Miami Dolphins have a mascot whose name is what they don't do in their games: TD (touchdown). With a vintage dolphin, the historic franchise has someone to represent them.

 2 Rusher the mascot of the Oakland Raiders

Without words, he is a disembodied face, with a mask and triceratops spikes on his helmet. Apparently he came out of an NFL cartoon but seriously, a little more creativity for one of the teams with such a fierce, festive and loyal fan base. A pet to forget.

 That the Raiders out the fans, they look better than the botargas, Go Raiders!

The pet is not bad! But the real Raiders pets are the members of the "Black hole" #GoRaiders 

1 San Diego Chargers Boltman

The former San Diego Chargers take the trophy for the most horrifying mascot called Boltman and I hope now that they are in Los Angeles they change it.

We do not know to date if this mascot is kept when changing cities, but during his time in San Diego Boltman was in charge of going out on the field with the team and cheering on the fans since 1995.

It is a yellow mask, with glasses and some rays on the side of the head, that pet is not scary, nor is it laughable, it makes others feel sad.

The San Diego Chargers have little to brag about in recent years ... except for Boltman, he's their pride. This great guy goes with everything in California and if you see him, keep your wallets, it's quite a nail.





Finally, we have the cousin of 'Ted Bear'. It's about the always braggart and good vibes Staley da Bear, Chicago's mascot who always brings his panties so the sun doesn't burn him… well for that, Staley!

the jaguar in a thong that takes care of the Watson massages is not going to be the bad one, the one from the chiefs seems to have copied Andy Reed's belly, the one from Raiders well the Raiders shouldn't even have a pet is the team you can find in its stands to what you can not imagine from Gene Simons who looks better in makeup to Caesar from the planet of the apes. To mention a few.

 Chicago cites that Staley is a lover of physical exercise, fishing and playing the drums, his best friend is Yogi, Pooh and Smokey and his ex-girlfriend Britney Sbears. A horny this Staley!

The NFL playoff season is down to divisions and these celebrity fans are having a field day with one of the most important members of the football team…the mascot!

Kick off your soccer Sunday with these famous fans cheering alongside their favorite mascots!

In short, tastes break genres. Comments and pets welcome to list

Posdata: It is interesting to know the mascots of the teams, although most of them are not very pretty to look at. Greetings and move on, the NFL needs to develop RED mascots, I ask for a review for the worst mascots. interesting facts that I didn't know about everything 🤭 but the Yunkers mascot is missing.

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