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The BEST Disney Character Costume Ideas for Adults and Kids

The BEST Disney Character Costume Ideas for Adults and Kids

The BEST Disney Character Costume Ideas for Adults and Kids

No matter who you are, whether an adult or a kid, you must be familiar with Disney Characters! Who doesn't love Disney? Disney over the course of the past century has given us several characters we all love… Perhaps some of the most memorable and lovable characters we might have ever seen on screen. Whether it be live action or animated films, Disney has always made some of the best movies and characters of all times. We are sure most of you, at least at some point in your life, have had the urge to become one Disney Character yourself. While this may not be possible (at least as of now), however you can fulfill your wishes by dressing up as a Disney Character! Whether it be for Halloween or a Fancy-Dress Party, these characters are a perfect choice. 

Today we have got you covered- here are some of the best Disney Character Costumes which might be made for you- whether you are an adult or a kid!

The Incredibles

All of you might have seen the famous hit Disney movie:- The Incredibles. Released in 2004, the movie has since taken over the world by storm. This family of superheroes in Red are much beloved, and contain a character which everyone in the family can dress up as. The Dad can dress up as Mr. Incredible, while the mom can dress up as Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl, while your son can become the beloved Dash, and your daughter can become Violet. A full-on family costume party!


Mr Incredible Muscle Costume — The Costume Shop - $59.88

Mrs Incredible Classic — The Costume Shop - $46.88

Dash Classic Costume — The Costume Shop - $40.88

Violet Jumpsuit Deluxe Toddler Costume — The Costume Shop - $49.88


Frozen was launched in 2013 and has been quite successful both among adults as well kids. This movie has a deeper story (And also one of the best songs that Disney Has ever included in a movie.) You might want to dress yourself up as either Elsa or Anna- if you’re female- age doesn't matter here! You might also want to dress up as Olaf or Kristoff if you’re a male.


Frozen Olaf Toddler Classic — The Costume Shop - $47.88

Queen Anna Classic Toddler Costume — The Costume Shop - $45.88

Elsa Deluxe Costume Frozen 2 — The Costume Shop - $73.88

Kristoff Deluxe Costume — The Costume Shop $73.80

Toy Story

Originally released in 1995 - the latest installment being in 2019- the Toy Story movie Franchise has been a fan-favorite over the years. You might dress yourself up as Cowboy Woody, Buzz Lightyear – we also have Slinky and Rex - let’s not forget about Mr. and Mrs. Potato. Wait we also have Jesse and Bo Peep and Forky! The list goes on…


Bo Peep Costume - Toy Story — The Costume Shop - $59.88

Woody Costume Classic — The Costume Shop - $50.88

Buzz Deluxe Costume — The Costume Shop - $51.88

Mr. Potato Head Inflatable — The Costume Shop - $99.88

Potato Head Toddler — The Costume Shop  - $51.88

Jessie Deluxe Costume — The Costume Shop  - $52.88

Mickey Mouse and Friends

Talking about Disney, and not talking about the company’s Mascot… just doesn’t feel right, does it? On top of that, who does not like Mickey and his friends! They are all so adorable, everyone loves them. Mickey mouse- as a matter of fact is almost as old as Disney itself. So, to keep the legacy going, you can dress up as Mickey, Minnie or even Goofy, Donald, Daisy or Pluto - the choice is up to you. But no matter what you choose, I can assure you will have the best costume every single person will recognize, no matter where you go. 


Mickey Mouse Small 4-6 — The Costume Shop -$49.88

Minnie Mouse Costume — The Costume Shop - $45.88

Cinderella and Prince Charming

A classic - one of the best costumes to be worn when in pairs! However, you don’t always need someone… you can wear them alone as well. 


Cinderella Costume ADULT — The Costume Shop - $65.88

Cinderella Movie Prestige TOT— The Costume Shop - $55.88

Prince Charming Costume — The Costume Shop - $101.88

Monsters, Inc.

Launched back in 2001, Monsters, Inc. is one of the best masterpieces that Walt Disney has ever made. The film revolves primarily around monsters- pretty whacky looking in fact, giving rise to some of the best costumes for any occasion. You can dress up either as Sully or Mike Wozawski, aka Googly-bear.


Sully Costume — The Costume Shop - $60.88

Monsters University Mike — The Costume Shop - $45.80


If you love Disney Princesses, then you definitely know and love Brave. Merida saved her kingdom, and now she is over here to save your day! Put on her clothes and feel like one of the greatest princesses which everyone will love and notice…


Merida Toddler Classic — The Costume Shop -  $46.88

Winnie the Pooh and Friends

Another old Disney classic- Winnie the Pooh! I’m sure a large number of people over here must be looking for this on the list and I understand why… this character is not only one of the most popular characters in Disney… but it has also found its way on the internet mainly in the form of memes and has become an important fragment of internet culture. 


Pooh Deluxe Plush — The Costume Shop - $57.88

Boy's Tigger Deluxe Plush Costume - Winnie the Pooh — The Costume Shop - $69.88

Pig Costume Mascots 47176 MaskUS — The Costume Shop - Starting $1,278.8

Snow White and the Dwarfs

Snow White is one of the beloved Disney princesses that many girls continue to love even to this day. The dwarfs are too cute and I’m sure you yourself might want to see yourself dressed as one, especially for Halloween. 


Snow White Deluxe — The Costume Shop -  $45.88

Dwarfs Costumes - Custom Mascot Costumes — The Costume - $728.88


Iron man, real name Tony Stark, has been a pinnacle character and the starting point for the MCU - Marvel Cinematic Universe- Owned by Disney. Ever since it’s launch the MCU has been one of the most popular (and profitable) movie series. This costume is especially for the male audience out here. Try this out and feel the superhero blood of this billionaire rush through your veins!


Iron Man Costume — Child — The Costume Shop - $35.88

Men's Iron Man Costume — Adult — The Costume Shop - $76.88

Captain America and Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel and Captain America - Although seem related, they aren’t as any true Marvel Fan may know. Captain America, whose real name is Steve Rogers- is an iconic hero who goes along-side with Iron Man. Originally a war-veteran during WW2, he had a flying ship crash and this led him to go into a state of coma, woke up in 2011 after nearly 70 years. Who doesn't want to be a war veteran with super serum injected in his veins?

Captain Marvel on the other hand is a human taken away from Earth- to space- absorbed energy to turn into a Super-human. She is also the most powerful Marvel superhero, despite her appearance in Marvel movies being quite limited. 


Captain America Costume — The Costume Shop - $58.88

Captain Marvel Costume — The Costume Shop - $76.88

Thor and Hulk

Thor is another popular character of the MCU. He is the god of thunder, and he is pretty good with his hammer. Though Thor is not from Earth, he is from Asgard, which is believed to be above Earth and is heaven– makes sense since he's a God. In fact, he is the appointed heir to the throne of Asgard. It is believed that only the worthy people can lift Thor's hammer – which is no one but him and – spoiler alert – Captain America. Dress up as him and show everyone who's the true God now!

Hulk is actually a scientist– Bruce Banner who was accidentally subjected to a large amount of Gamma radiation and thus, this led to him becoming a muscular green angry monster whenever he got angry. He eventually became a member of S.M.A.S.H. (he would literally smash everything). His temper used to be out of control, but eventually he managed to get a hold of it and controlled his anger, also enabling him to become Hulk whenever he wished without being angry. Get dressed up as this green monster in costume parties and show 'em you're here to smash it!


Thor Deluxe Adult – The Costume Shop- $76.88

The Hulk Adult – The Costume Shop - $75.88

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Scott Lang- was initially a criminal who was arrested and put in prison for petty thefts he made for his survival. His techniques were however, unique and thus the great doctor and scientist Hank Pym decided to put him through a test, which he passed without his own knowledge and he became the Ant-Man. He has the ability to shrink and become bigger at his own will, thanks to the Pym Particles, developed by Dr. Hank himself.

On the other hand, the Wasp is Dr. Hank's daughter, Hope. She saw the abilities of the Ant-Man suit and asked her father to make one for herself. She also was in love with Scott. Thus these two became an iconic duo. Dress like them and rush to save the day. They look pretty cool to be honest, so why not look like them.


Ant Man-Adult – The Costume Shop - $49.88

The Wasp – The Costume Shop - $53.88

Black Widow 

Black Widow, whose actual name is Natasha Romanoff, is the most iconic female character of the MCU. Portrayed on screen by Scarlett Johansson, she is actually an orphan who lost her parents in a war, and was raised by Russian undercover spies, operatives of the Red Room ( A fictional place to train agents). She at a young age was herself trained in the Red Room, and then sent on missions, and had endured several hardships. But she got out of this vicious cycle and eventually started working for the Avengers initiative and also helped free other young girls in training at the room, alongside with her sister, Yelena. She was the most beloved among all Avengers and surely dressing up as her would make you the most beloved and bold among your group too. Also try to show off your bold action hero moves in her outfit girls!


Black Widow – Adult – The Costume Shop - $76.88

Black Widow – Child – The Costume Shop - $58.88

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