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Star Wars Costumes Parties will Love

Star Wars Costumes Parties will Love

Star Wars Costumes Parties will Love

Star Wars is one of the most iconic and people-loved movie series which has been known to man. First released in May 1977 by George Lucas under his production house “Lucasfilm”, the series has seen tremendous success and has grown exponentially over the past 4 decades, not only in terms of revenue and view but also in terms of a Loyal Fanbase. Loyal fans of the saga are surely all over the place when they hear this name. One might easily fall in love with each of the characters in these movies and might wanna see themselves dressed up as one among them. 

Divided into two sides - the dark side and the light side. It’s up to you, which side you want to choose. The choices on both sides are very vast. Star Wars costumes also make up among one of the most recognizable costumes you can ever wear to parties. You can literally tell your son “I am your father “ and there will be people drawing references to Star Wars. So you get the idea - this franchise is popular, and it also gives you the chance to be the star of the party, whether it be New Year’s Party or a Fancy Dress Party.

However one might easily think that the costumes, due to being “extremely cool looking” might be hard to find. Need not worry readers! We are here for you and we got you covered. So now, we bring over to you the best Star Wars costumes you can dress up as, and we got both the Dark and the Light sides!

Note:- This article might contain spoilers for the Star Wars Movie and TV Shows Franchise. Reader discretion is advised. 

Furthermore, in the costumes provided, some accessories shown in the image might not be included. Please read the product description for more information.

Luke Skywalker

Luke, as any Star Wars enthusiast will know, is the main protagonist of the Star Wars Saga in the OT (Original Trilogy of SW movies, which includes Episode IV, V and VI), but he also plays a significant role in the ST (Sequel Trilogy, which includes Episode VII, VIII and IX.) Luke is considered the best Jedi to be out there and is believed to be the one who actually brought about a balance in the Force between the two sides. Luke’s costume is, in fact, simple yet attractive, and recognized as well. Go ahead and dress up as Luke for your fancy dress and NYE parties today!


Skywalker Deluxe — The Costume Shop - $75.88

Luke Skywalker Deluxe Costume — The Costume Shop - $52.88

Princess Leia 

Imagine the OT without princess Leia, would just be a cheese sandwich with no cheese. Princess Leia is one of the most adored and beloved characters in Star Wars history even to this day. Leia was in fact the sister of Luke, and they had been separated when two different families decided to adopt them. Hey, their girls - I warn you if you decide to dress up as Leia, you are going to have a lot of Star Wars fans running behind you. If you actually like this, this costume is bound to be perfect for you.


Princess Leia Deluxe Costume — The Costume Shop  - $90.88

Princess Leia Toddler — The Costume Shop  - $46.88

Captain Han Solo

Captain Han Solo is another important character in the original Star Wars Trio. He originally is a smuggler, but eventually, at the request of Luke, he agrees to help him out to save the Princess for a chunk of cash (Luke needed the Millenium Falcon, due to its speed). Eventually, he decided to go along with them to defeat Darth Vader. He is one of the most handsome men in Star Wars, and dressing up like him can make you look the best even when seen from a galaxy, far far away.


Han Solo Deluxe Costume — The Costume Shop - $81.88

Han Solo Costume Toddler — The Costume Shop - $45.88

X-Wing Pilot 

These, although not much talked about as the other characters, have been seen to be one of the best pilots of the galaxy, working over for the Resistance. Running around and patrolling the galaxy in their battleships, they ensure peace and prosperity and are great fighters in time of need, making them the best heroes in the galaxy. Their orange suits look pretty dope. You might also want to get your hands on such a uniform.


Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Costume (Toddler)— The Costume Shop - $54.88

The Great Yoda

This great Jedi warrior, who lived for nearly 900 years, has more wisdom and knowledge than any soul in the Star Wars Universe has ever had. Extremely skilled and talented, Yoda used to be the leader of the Jedi council and was the one who trained Luke as well as his father Anakin, to be Jedi Warriors. His skill and patience are unparalleled and unmatched by any Jedi on the council and has good foresight. He also has a peculiar way of speaking, which makes his dialogues sound odd, but are well remembered and loved. You should, in his robes, go, and show, the wisest in the party, is you! Also sure you must make, like him, you speak. 

Hope you understood this.


Yoda Costume Costume Standard — The Costume Shop - $70.88


Who doesn’t love this hairy strong Wookie? Chewy is an animal, but however is smart and knows where to put his knowledge, and on top of this, he is highly recognizable. He also appears along with Han Solo in the first movie - he had been rescued by him from prison and they worked together ever since (from Solo: A Star Wars Story). Get dressed up like him for your costume parties now. 


Chewbacca Supreme Edition — The Costume Shop - $490.88

Chewbacca Costume Kids— The Costume Shop - $51.88


R2D2 is probably the most famous and loved droid of the Star Wars saga. He is programmed to work for the resistance and is truthful and loyal to it. He is the most trusted bot and doesn't let a single bit of information fall into the wrong hands. He knows what's right and what's not. He is strong and can withstand any damages it might take, and is skilled at flying spaceships. You might want to be as strong and smart as him. But unfortunately, you cannot (he's unmatched), but however, the least you can do is dress up like him for your New Year or Fancy Dress parties.


R2D2 Toddler — The Costume Shop - $38.88


C3PO is another beloved bot in the Star Wars Franchise. It is a protocol droid bot, designed by Anakin Skywalker while he was a kid slave on Tatooine. C3PO excels at the tasks he was designed to run and is one of the smartest as it knows "more than 6 million forms of communication". This droid is also very human-looking, making dressing up like him feel more comfortable and accurate to the movies.


C-3PO Costume Child — The Costume Shop - $72.88

C-3PO Costume Adult — The Costume Shop- $86.88

Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader

Anakin Skywalker served as a slave at Tatooine. But however, he wanted to break free from there, and Qui Gon had found out he had a very high midi-chlorian count (a bacteria, which according to the Jedi, determined how powerful a person was with the force). He however was a bit - I mean more than a bit short-tempered and soon turned to the Dark Side of the force just to save his wife, Padmé Amidala. He was believed to be the one to bring about a balance in the two sides of the force, which he failed in doing so. Despite all this, he is still one of the most beloved Star Wars characters. But wait - it doesn't end here. In fact, after being half burned to death by Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi, he was taken by Sheev to fix himself and turned out to be the Darkest Villain, Darth Vader. He is highly Iconic and you might want to dress yourself up as him, whether it be the Jedi Anakin or the evil Darth Vader - either way, you will look iconic and be a star and a magnet at the party.


Anakin Costume Adult— The Costume Shop - $56.88

Anakin Toddler Costume — The Costume Shop - $50.88

Darth Vader Adult Costume — The Costume Shop - $72.88

Darth Vader Toddler — The Costume Shop - $46.88


It's basically impossible for one who has ever heard of Star Wars to be unfamiliar with these soldiers of the Dark Side, ironically dressed in white. There are too many of these in the movie and many of them are bought over forcefully or picked up if they were ever orphaned. These stormtroopers might seem worthless, but they all together actually play a really important role in plot development. Imagine being one. Well, it's possible to do it, or at least make you feel like you are one. Grab one of these costumes now for yourself and see how it feels like to be under the command of the Dark Side powers of the Force. 


Deluxe Stormtrooper Costume - Star Wars Classic — The Costume Shop - $60.88

Stormtrooper Toddler — The Costume Shop - $58.88

Darth Maul

Darth Maul was a highly dangerous Sith Lord who was trained by the infamous Sheev Palpatine himself. He is highly agile and well-versed in combat, and he was the one who killed the great and beloved Qui Gon. But he was eventually killed by Obi-Wan, Qui Gon's Padawan. However, despite his death, and a relatively short appearance in the movies, his name remains a popular and an integral part of the franchise even up to this day. He is also remembered for his usage of the double-bladed lightsaber, a thing which very few characters in the Star Wars movies actually used. Want to be a master of combat like him? Dress up as him and be the fiercest looking guy out there! You might also want to separately purchase his double-bladed lightsaber to complete the Darth Maul look.


Darth Maul Deluxe XL — The Costume Shop - $81.88

Darth Maul Lightsaber — The Costume Shop - $47.88

Obi-Wan Kenobi

The famous Star Wars Character from the "Hello there" meme. Kenobi is one of the most respected Jedis and has become wildly popular even among non Star Wars fans due to his memes and not only made an important place in the Star Wars history but also the internet meme culture as well. You might just go to r/PrequelMemes on Reddit right away, better after finishing reading this and seeing the number of memes featuring him. He is a man of culture. Dress up at parties like him, get known as a man of culture as well.


Obi-Wan Kenobi Costume Adult— The Costume Shop - $58.88

Obi Wan Kenobi Costume Child— The Costume Shop - $47.88

Poe Dameron

Poe Dameron is another popular character, introduced in the Sequel Star Wars Trilogy. He appears first in episode VI and his role here is no more than an ordinary X-Wing Pilot. But however his character later takes a much deeper turn, and then he is seen taking the right decisions, and working over doing the right things for the safety and prosperity of the Resistance. He helps the resistance in all times of need and is one of the best pilots in the galaxy as well. He looks smart and charming making him a favorite amongst many Star Wars fans. You might also wanna get dressed as this man in a leather jacket.


Poe Dameron Costume Child— The Costume Shop - $47.88

Poe Dameron Costume — The Costume Shop - $54.88


Introduced to us first in episode VI, which occurs several years after the events of the OT, is an important character of the Saga. Initially, she happened to be one without a family, searching for a cause. She decided to join the resistance and thus aspired to become a Jedi warrior. So she wanted to get back over to Luke Skywalker and get his help to be a Jedi, as he was the only known one left. She then takes over the name "Skywalker" for herself and eventually becomes the main protagonist of the series. Try dressing up as her and evolve yourself to become the greatest Jedi female warrior.


Rey The Last Jedi Costume — The Costume Shop - $54.88


Kylo has become a part of the Dark Side, after receiving a good amount of training in Jedi arts from the great Luke Skywalker. Kylo-Ren was the son of Leia and Han Solo, from the Original Trilogy. He is constantly seen being torn apart by the difference in his heart and his mind. Although going from the light to the dark, he eventually gets to realize what's right for him and what is not. He eventually decides to turn back over to the light side of the force and helps Rey defeat Palpatine and he also sacrifices his own life in order to save hers. He is a true epitome of the two sides of the force and signifies one should follow the heart. Dress up as him, grab a lightsaber, and rush to your parties.


Men's Deluxe Kylo Ren Costume – The Costume Shop - $75.88

Kylo Ren Costume Kids — The Costume Shop - $27.88

Baby Yoda

This little green baby might be one of the most adorable things man has ever seen, be it on the screen or IRL. This small little cutie is strong with the force but is in deep love with his caretaker, the Mandalorian. It is for him he decided not to follow the path of the Jedi (his return being in the Book of Boba Fett). He has since learned a few aspects of how to use his power properly but still remains extremely cute and adorable. If you have a New Year's Costume party and kids are allowed, maybe this is the best costume you can find for them.


Mandalorian The Child Costume — The Costume Shop - $47.88

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is undoubtedly one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars Universe. He first appears on the web series "The Mandalorian" which stars him, and his popularity has grown among the Star Wars fans to a great extent over time. With his real name Din Djarin, he never shows his face publicly (except a few times when it was absolutely necessary to save the child). He was picked up and trained by the people of the Mandalorian creed when he lost his parents during the war. He is now one of the most beloved and charming characters of the Star Wars Universe. He is a man of his word, committed to doing what he says. He keeps his promises, and for anything he cares for, he's ready to do anything for them. His suit comes equipped with a plethora of weapons and he knows when and how to use them. He is the one who managed to wield the DarkSaber. So get on your feet, get ready to dress up as this handsome man in Beskar, and take over the night! Be the man of the party.


The Mandalorian Costume Child — The Costume Shop  - $66.88

The Mandalorian Beskar Adult Costume — The Costume Shop - $76.88

Boba Fett

Boba Fett makes his first appearance in the OT, and despite it being a short appearance, many people loved it and demanded that they wanted to see more of him. Due to this a web series "The Book of Boba Fett" was launched starring him. He is an exceptionally determined man, a bounty hunter. He escaped the mouth of a Monster on his own and he was then rescued by the Jawas. Dress up like the great bounty hunter, in all Beskar and show the party who's the real deal!


Boba Fett Costume Deluxe — The Costume Shop - $83.88

Padme Amidala

For anyone who has seen Star Wars, there is no doubt you have not noticed the beautiful minister Padmé Amidala. She is one of the sweetest and the most beloved characters in the story. She was the one who fell in love with Anakin Skywalker and decided to marry him, despite her being a part of the politically governing bodies and Anakin being a Jedi. Eventually, they were about to have kids, but Padme lost her life giving birth to them. Dress up as the most gorgeous lady in the history of the galaxy far, far away.


Amidala Costume — The Costume Shop  - $81.88

Queen Amidala Deluxe Costume — The Costume Shop   - $72.88

The Jawas

Last on this list, but not least, we have the little Jawas. These are the cute-looking, yet cunning group of creatures who run around on Tatooine picking up anything that they feel might be useful for them. In fact, in many instances, they are even found stuff belonging to others. Dress up in the costumes of these cute pleasant creatures now! 


Jawa Costume — The Costume Shop   - $90.88

Rush now and get these costumes over for yourself and become a star of any party, be it a fancy dress one or a new year party!

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