Lightsaber Darth Maul

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Darth Maul, Sith Lord and first apprentice trained by Darth Sidious, mastered the wielding a double-bladed Lightsaber! Now you, too, can be a fierce Sith warrior with this official Star Wars Darth Maul Lightsaber! Iconic red lightsaber is collapsible on both ends and extends to almost 5 feet in length, with a 15.5 inch handle. Handles have on/off switch, so that the lightsaber can function using one, or both ends at the same time. Lightsaber offers a very cool lock-ring feature, on both ends. Rotate the Saber Lock-Ring counter clockwise to release Saber Locks and extend Lightsaber Blade! Both ends of the lightsaber light up (requires four "AA" batteries - not included). Battery installation and bulb replacement instructions included. The perfect accessory for your Darth Maul costume!