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The Top Ten Funniest Mascots in NFL

The Top Ten Funniest Mascots in NFL

The Top Ten Funniest Mascots in NFL

Professional sports exist as one more option for entertainment, going to a stadium to watch a game live is one of the best experiences a fan can have, for many reasons: the game, the atmosphere, the fans and, without a doubt, the pets.

It is normal for all professional teams to seek to generate a greater identity with their fans, with children, with adults, with everyone and mascots play an important role there, in addition to being a face of the same team,you get the joy to see them games.

Therefore, it has as a presentation nice and charismatic mascots of the exciting league of the NFL

NFL fans spend their money going to games because it is a guaranteed spectacle, and not just because of the uncertainty of what can happen on the field of play. Since behind the barricades there are people who make our lives happy. Yes, 

That's why related to this blog we present the fun and charismatic 10 of the entire league.

10- Blitz. city: Seattle

This mascot that was baptized with the name of Blitz, his representation is perfectly defensive fierceness of the Seahawks team, with his facial expression full of intensity adding significant pronounced biceps This mascot has the characteristic of jumping from the roof of nothing else and minus CenturyLink. 

The blitz is an enthusiastic team that shows emotion when playing their soccer games, their mascot excites the general public, both children and adults, and steals the show on television shows.

Postscript: Adding jump from the skies in a plane. That Sportscenter commercial with Blitz had me crying with laughter.  COLTS ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE HIM AS THEIR MASCOT!! GO COLTS

9- Pat Patriot city: New England 

Pat Patriot, a name that comes to mind and the first thing we think of is the desire for patriotism towards our country.

Earn points for Favor!!

patriots thrill us with that name! It sounds very patriotic to serve your country and especially your favorite soccer team, that is the essence of this mascot, to transmit emotion and joy

This mascot was chosen for five Pro Bowls and made appearances in seven Super Bowls!! 

Likewise, he has been crowned victorious in four. That Jags one was amazing, he didn’t expect it to come out and get kicked in the balls. !I am a mascot, and I can confirm we very much love doing our jobs

8- Who Dey. city: Cincinnati

This has been one of the main mascots of the exciting league of the NFL, however since 1989 it has not represented a Super Bowl, the emotion is sure and above all the genius Cincinnati members have an alliance with,  Being a mascot must be the coolest job the commentator´s "WOAH!" 


7- T D city:  Miami

 the most beautiful cheerleaders of the stadiums in the United States, those of the Dolphins, They then subsist under the incredible weather of California. His way of dressing has made him one of the most selected mascots in the NFL. Being its most selected pet, without a doubt, the state of this country takes the hearts of the fans

6.- Swoop city: Philadelphia

many television fans and those who attend the game events, They have not realized, the eagles are less attractive and terrifying, but with luck in favor the mascot that goes by the name of Swoop, his smile eternally that transcends his face, It has as an attraction from the smallest to those who aren't. I’m a colts fan and it’s good to see that they actually have something good about them. The Colts mascot may be the best mascot outside of the city of Philadelphia (the Phanatic is an eternal icon, and Gritty is an instantaneous legend)

this team wins a great mascot, having as one of the first places in this top of the funniest mascots in the American football league, we can say that today is a great day for Swoop fans

That cheerleader and whoever was in that suit definitely did a quickie

5- De Ville. city:  ville

Without a doubt, the mascot of this team and city has achieved too many triumphs throughout the history of the team since it was founded, such as, for example, the number of pizzas eaten in a single game (56) or also the 250,000 fans cuddling or kissing in the 4,5000 demonstrations in 12 hours.

Postdata: Today at my school, he came to my school to talk about how he went through depression and anxiety and how he became mascot. Not only the mascot of this team stands out, but also its team as the fans, the three together are the trinity of sports records for this state, a historical fact without a doubt is the envy of the other teams and fans.

4. Staley da Bear city: Chicago.

The way in which this mascot achieves its achievements is impressive, it has led to achieving the record for the most clothing changes in a single season, scoring 77 changes, followed by holding the record is. This has been the mascot of the Pro Bowl on several occasions. the last date was set in 2013. another team that has made history not only with its soccer team but also with its mascot, the two make a good team and surely entertain their fans

3- Captain Fear city: Tampa 

We can not imagine anything else that the Buccaneers stadium has similarity to a traditional pirate. The date of June 2, 2000, the coast guards helped Captain Fear in the dark waters of Tampa Bay and so is the watchman of the community. it's funny to think how a mascot of a soccer team would become famous the way this achievement

2- Miles city: Denver Broncos

 and from there he is the most exciting and passionate number 1 fan of the team. The current champions who support them. I’m an eagles fan but blue the colts mascot is funny as guck. Denver's mascot is characterized by his bravery and glorious victories of his team on the soccer field, he is in the top 2 for a reason!

That's right, gentlemen, your fans are not only limited to your community, but also reach the hearts of the other side of the world, Europe and Korea, large communities where the many fans of the American football league are.

1- K C Wolf city: Kansas city Chiefs 

what characterizes a wolf is being lonely, but for the mascot of this team it is not, his charisma steals the hearts of not only the fans of this soccer team, but also the fans of other rival teams, mainly children and girls, since the wolf represents loyalty, a virtue that has characterized the fans of this game

Without a doubt, in the personal opinion of this server, K, C Wolf becomes the best mascot in the professional league that we love so much, if that is the. Just seeing his face can be somewhat murky, however for this wolf it will be epic the day he hangs up his boots, that is, the day he retires. Therefore, that special day or moment for the Kansas fandom, while that moment arrives, let's continue loving and enjoying it. screamed of laughter.

The fans who encourage and entertain people in the stadiums and those who are in their homes via television are a fundamental part. as extra data

For our spectacular and fun sports content and humor, stay tuned for more!!!!!!

Sports mascots have marked the childhood of sports fans,

including me! From the professional baseball leagues, the soccer world cup and especially the professional American football league, we grew up with that enthusiasm of seeing the presentations of our favorite mascots at half time, growing up with the illusion of being and participating in those epic exciting games, even so much is the impact of sports mascots we want to train as mascots and wear that costume, cheer and dance with the cheerleaders, greet the fans and above all give happiness to the new generations who dream of that same illusion in participating in sports how we grew up

To conclude this blog that was made with a lot of patience and enthusiasm, it can be said that sport is not only a way of entertainment for the American family and the rest of the world, it has also become a habit and routine to turn on the television and see the favorite American football team and support them, thus the mascots become the American essence by transmitting emotion, passion and fun, the three fundamental rules to hook a crazy football fan, thus it is concluded that the years can pass the same You won't miss out on that childhood passion felt by members of the American community when watching a professional football league game, yes!

Thank you all for your attention to the readers of that blog.

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