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first augmented reality mascot of an NFL

first augmented reality mascot of an NFL

The spectacular debut of the first augmented reality mascot of an NFL team

Nobody was prepared that for the start of the 2021 season of the prestigious and entertaining National Football League (NFL), it would leave very impressive moments that will remain in the memory of the viewers and for the fans who were present that glorious the time of light between one night and the.

 the mascot of a football team that went viral by doing his presentation in the non-traditional way black panther with a size higher than a multi-story building. Panther's Intro, Now all we need is football Championship, more Panther's merchandise and free Krispy Kreme....

you are correct!!!

That was awesome they do this for every home game. That's AWESOME...Go Panthers

. Next week, instead of a Jets flag in the PANTHER'S 3D mouth getting torn....

Is this CGI added in post or a hologram?

If it's a hologram I'm impressed.

Imagine drinking a few bears before walking past your tv and seeing this big ass lion....I was waiting for the flying jets to attack for about 2 sec like wtf is that,and then it hit me lol

It is the mascot of this exciting team, which has had an evolution from drawing on the shield to taking a big step through the stadium, all thanks to the emerging technology of augmented reality. The video presents the black panther as he walks through the football field and stole the show by breaking the flag of the New York Jets (who were the rivals of the Panthers that unpublished a specified). and to finish it goes away with a threatening roar.



The panther is nowhere near as scary as the technology to deceive many.

I'm so in love with this… and I’m not even a fan of y'all’s. My oh my tho, they need to put some meat on that panther… nobody wants to be seeing ribs

Many fans expect to see that exciting match of the teams present. Without a doubt, the panther shown virtually was the one that stole the show! She was the protagonist of the game while the players were getting ready, so this caused sensations on social networks and has become really popular.  Behind all this is augmented reality, which needs technology and reality to be.  I need more of these Make one of the bears but it’s just a jacked up bear tearing up the sideline benches or Gatorade buckets

In this way, the spectators of the game who were able to enjoy the game from their homes on their televisions were able to see and get excited and, above all, be impressed with the anima. Pretty crazy how everyone in the stadium is just casually strolling around or sitting while a massive predator is destroying the place.

So could the fans who came to the stadium. How? With their mobiles, it is no longer necessary to use virtual reality glasses. With the mobile camera the real scene is recorded, this is mixed with the virtual elements in the software and offers an image within reality on the screen. Amazing marketing team! 

The technology

But all of us present to see that animation, including this server, ask ourselves the same question: how and what made this wonder capable?

the twitter spot after the Panthers game calls the animal,  the truth behind it is augmented reality applied on a massive scale. That is, an animation of the virtual pet was made in Unreal Engine, is being rendered within a real-world live stream. Very good the 3d in Argentina, students of the silver did the same, it was not seen on the field but on TV and the screens of the stadium.. It seems like there would be a lot of screams


This confirms that the camera operators do a terrific job of tracking and following the animations of the pannier in real time, all while it is moving around the sports the same way I would do it like a real live animal Whoa!!. The panther then interacts with the space, which means viewers are also virtually modeled to give the animal virtual objects to climb on.

The animations are meant to be broadcast live, so the technology is not built into any app!!!

Thus, these animations are intended to be transmitted live and direct, that is to say that the technology is not applied in any application. In this case the panther is shown in the video It was broadcast live on the stadium's giant screens and then posted on social media. Although it is logical to think that the illusion is not perfect. In fact, if he needed the analysis almost when watching at the end of the video.  So at the end when the giant panther leaves the stadium there is now a giant panther terrorizing the people of Carolina? 

 when the panther makes his presentation at the exact moment that he roars, it is seen that his feet do not line up exactly with the structure he is standing on.   when your owner is a multi billionaire. Love some of the stuff he's doing. Just need to get the team playing great. 

TheLastCedar. i want to see the Vikings cowboys you know all other teams, heck we should make it a competition and vote on who has the most awesome entrance.

We did not expect that sports broadcasts were immersed in augmented reality technologies, thanks to this, greater entertainment is sought in the fan. No one expected a panther to jump into the stands of this Carolina Panthers football team's stadium and break its rival's flag on the grass. Then a raven makes its lift flight, minutes before the match begins. 

In this way, augmented reality technology has evolved in sports broadcasts of numerous events, including the NFL. The mascots of the soccer teams come to life at times to entertain the fans, in the minutes before the start of sports games.

Thus the Carolina Panthers have been the latest to be added to this emerging technology, in the football debut of the season this year. Other football teams have already started in previous seasons, such as the Baltimore Ravens. Awesome I Love It!! But Can We Get a Deep Long and Loud Roar to Close the Video Come on Strike Fear with the Roar lol.  I was born and raised about a Hour North of the Stadium. If my Memory serves me right my first Fan Fest Was 2002.

Im Hoping Sam Darnold Can take Some of the Talent we have on the Roster this Year and at least Make a Playoff Run. The Team looked Pretty Good Week 1. We left Some Points on the Board and Made a few Mistakes but all in all i was Happy. The Defense looked like the could Potentially be Scary as the season goes on and they learn each other a little more. McCaffrey Looked Like The Hall of Famer he is DJ and Dobby Both played really well. So I guess we will See More Week 2 against New Orleans. 

I know no one Cares about my Personal Panther History or Opinions but there it is anyways. Lol


In this blog we present how the football teams of the American professional league, especially the Carolina Panthers, have successfully integrated augmented reality technology by making their presentation in one of the most memorable and historic games in the history of the NFL. !.

It can be said that by integrating technology not only to the presentations of the soccer teams, but also to the sports supplies, the players will do a more efficient and effective job in sporting events.

many fans including this server are fascinated to see these unique and unexpected presentations that are shown in this professional soccer league, without a doubt some eastern countries like Korea, with its prestigious (KBL) will join these presentations. Somewhere in that stadium someone was doubting the effects of their edible until a giant panther started jumping from section to section terrifying the opposing team.  This is sick, but I'm pretty sure China did this first.

Not even a Panthers fan but this is sick

Giving me real 1990s Chicago Bulls vibes

  since these eastern countries technology is their greatest economic power! Feel bad for the Miami Dolphins, Utah Jazz,  Boston and Chicago Sox teams and the Delaware Blue Hens.  Just can't see your mascot doing it.

Coming from those countries, surely the passionate fans and lovers of this beautiful sport will be amazed and satisfied when the time comes for these presentations.

Was this actually projected on the field before the game where you can see it? Or was this just broadcast in the screens in the stadium? Really cool

This a vision of the future? Perhaps next they can replace the underperforming players with AR versions.

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