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Porcelain Party Throne

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Add a splash of humor to any event with the Porcelain Party Throne costume from This playful children's costume is designed as a pull-over white poly-foam tunic shaped like a toilet seat, complete with a moving lid that adds an interactive element to the outfit. Perfect for sparking giggles and keeping the bathroom banter flowing, this costume redefines the concept of a porta-potty with a fun and cheeky twist. Ideal for children sizes 7-10, it’s an excellent choice for Halloween, school parties, or any gathering where a little potty humor is appreciated.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

Whimsical Design: Features a realistic toilet shape with a lid that moves, making it a hit for playful antics. Lightweight Comfort: Made from poly-foam, this costume is easy to wear and allows for freedom of movement. Conversation Starter: Sure to be the center of attention and ignite laughter and conversations at any party. Perfect For:

Halloween Celebrations: A quirky and unusual costume that’s perfect for trick-or-treating or Halloween parties. Themed Parties: Great for any event where humor is on the menu or for costume competitions. School Events: Adds a fun and humorous touch to school festivities or costume days. Shop Now:

Ready to be the life of the party with the most amusing costume around? Visit to purchase your Porcelain Party Throne costume today. Prepare to bring down the house with laughter and keep the party jokes rolling!