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Toddler Tide Stingray

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Dive into the underwater world with the Toddler Tide Stingray costume from This charming toddler costume is designed to look like a gentle stingray, featuring a poly-foam over-the-head tunic in a sleek gray with a shiny blue belly. The costume includes details like the stingray's wings and an attached tail, bringing the magic of tropical seas to life. Perfect for toddlers sized 3T-4T, this costume is not only adorable but also comfortable, making it ideal for Halloween, beach-themed parties, or school plays.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

Oceanic Adventure: Captures the essence of a fascinating sea creature, encouraging imaginative play and learning. Comfortable Fit: Made from lightweight poly-foam, designed for ease of movement and comfort for little explorers. Vivid Detailing: The shiny blue belly adds a touch of realism and visual interest, making it a standout costume. Perfect For:

Marine-Themed Events: Ideal for any gathering celebrating the beauty of the ocean. Educational Plays: Enhance school performances or learning modules about marine life. Halloween and Dress-Up: A unique alternative to traditional spooky costumes, perfect for trick-or-treating or costume parties. Shop Now:

Ready to transform your little one into a delightful sea creature? Visit to purchase your Toddler Tide Stingray costume today. Let your toddler make a splash at their next event with this enchanting and educational outfit!