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Tropical Stingray Splash

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Dive into the fun with the Tropical Stingray Splash costume from This captivating adult costume is designed to mimic the elegant form of a stingray, one of the ocean's most graceful creatures. The costume features a poly-foam over-the-head tunic in a sleek gray, accented by a shiny blue belly that adds a touch of the tropical seas. The outfit is completed with an attached tail, perfect for embodying the stingray's unique silhouette. Lightweight and easy to wear, this costume fits adults up to 6 ft 3 in and chest sizes 48-52 inches, making it ideal for Halloween, beach-themed parties, or any event where you want to make a splash!

Why You'll Love This Costume:

Unique Marine Design: Stand out with a costume that celebrates the beauty and mystery of marine life. Comfortable Fit: The over-the-head tunic design is made from lightweight poly-foam, ensuring comfort throughout your event. Versatile Use: Perfect for various occasions, from costume parties to educational events at aquariums or schools. Perfect For:

Halloween Celebrations: Bring a bit of the ocean to land with a standout costume choice. Beach or Pool Parties: Ideal for adding a thematic touch to seaside and poolside gatherings. Educational Events: Educators can use this stingray costume to engage audiences during marine biology presentations. Shop Now:

Ready to glide through your next party as a stunning stingray? Visit to purchase your Tropical Stingray Splash costume today. Embrace your inner sea creature and charm everyone with your oceanic style!