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Shark Attack Costume

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Make a splash at your next party with the Shark Attack Costume from! Designed to instill a bit of marine-themed fun, this costume features a light gray polyfoam tunic that resembles the mighty sand shark. It's equipped with a dorsal fin on the back and a tail fin at the bottom, adding to its realistic shark silhouette. The face opening is cleverly designed within the shark's mouth, rimmed with white jagged teeth for a fearsome effect, yet provides good visibility for safety. Easy to wear over your clothes, this costume offers both comfort and convenience, making it a great choice for Halloween, costume parties, or promotional events. Fits most adults.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

  • Unique Design: Stand out with a costume that turns you into a fearsome sea creature.
  • Comfortable Fit: Easy to slip on over regular clothes, allowing you to enjoy the festivities fully.
  • Great Visibility: Designed with safety in mind, the mouth opening allows for clear visibility.

Perfect For:

  • Halloween Parties: Be the center of attention with a costume that’s both scary and fun.
  • Marine-Themed Events: Perfect for beach parties, aquarium visits, or any sea-themed occasion.
  • Costume Competitions: A unique choice that’s sure to score high on originality.

Shop Now: Ready to take a bite out of the competition? Visit to purchase your Shark Attack Costume. Dive deep into fun and give your friends a good scare!