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Puppet Master Blade Mask

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Transform into the sinister leader of the Puppet Masters team with this officially licensed Puppet Master Blade Mask. Made of durable vacuform plastic, this mask perfectly replicates Blade's iconic look, featuring white hair, a wide-brimmed hat, a pale gaunt face, and black hollow eye sockets.

The mask is designed for comfort and ease of wear, with an elastic band that secures it from ear to ear behind your head. Easy to slip on and off, it's also simple to clean with a mild soapy cloth, ensuring you can maintain its striking appearance. Beware, wearing this mask might make you crave strudel instead of candy, as Blade inhabits the soul of Dr. Hess, the famous German scientist.

Why You'll Love This Mask:

Authentic Design: Replicates the iconic look of Blade from Puppet Master, complete with white hair, a wide-brimmed hat, and black hollow eye sockets. High-Quality Material: Made from durable vacuform plastic for enhanced durability and a firm hand-feel. Comfortable Fit: Elastic band ensures a secure and comfortable fit for most adults. Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean inside with a mild soapy cloth. Iconic Character: Perfect for fans of Puppet Master and horror enthusiasts. Perfect For:

Halloween Celebrations: Stand out with an authentic and terrifying Blade mask. Costume Events: Ideal for horror-themed parties and gatherings. Horror Fans: A must-have for fans of Puppet Master and collectors of movie memorabilia. Photo Opportunities: Perfect for capturing memorable moments at events. Why Choose The Costume Shop:

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