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Prosthetic Chimp Full Face

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Transform into a lifelike chimpanzee this Halloween with the Prosthetic Chimp Full Face. This essential accessory will bring your primate character to life with incredible detail and flexibility. Crafted from soft, spongy foam latex, this prosthetic closely mimics the look and feel of real skin, ensuring a comfortable and realistic appearance. Perfect for a wide range of chimp or animal-inspired costumes, this prosthetic will enhance your Halloween look with its extraordinary design.

The Prosthetic Chimp Full Face adheres directly to your skin using spirit gum or latex, allowing it to move naturally with your every facial expression. Once blended and colored with water-based makeup, this piece will seamlessly integrate with your own features, creating a stunningly realistic effect.

Why You'll Love This Prosthetic:

Authentic Design: Captures the intricate details of a chimpanzee face, providing a realistic and unique appearance. High-Quality Material: Made from soft, spongy foam latex that closely imitates the look and feel of skin. Comfortable Fit: Adheres directly to your skin and moves naturally with your facial expressions. Versatile Accessory: Perfect for enhancing a wide range of Halloween costumes, from chimps to other animal characters. Perfect For:

Halloween Celebrations: Stand out with a realistic and unique prosthetic chimp face. Costume Events: Ideal for jungle or animal-themed parties, gatherings, and conventions. Makeup Artists: A must-have for professional and amateur makeup artists looking to create stunning effects. Photo Opportunities: Perfect for capturing memorable and extraordinary moments at events. Application Instructions:

Adhere the prosthetic to your skin using spirit gum or latex. Blend the edges and color with water-based makeup for a seamless look. Remove carefully and clean for reuse. Special Shipping Information:

This item ships separately from other items in your order. This item cannot ship to a P.O. Box. Imported. Important Information Regarding Latex Products:

Latex masks can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. If you experience any discomfort or adverse reaction, discontinue use immediately. Keep away from fire and excessive heat. Why Choose The Costume Shop:

The Costume Shop is dedicated to providing excellent service and quality products. As an independent company, we offer an extensive collection of top-quality costumes and accessories for all ages and occasions. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unmatched, and we are proud to serve a diverse and global customer base.

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