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Pet Prisoner costume

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Introducing the ultimate costume for your playful troublemaker - the Jailbird Pooch Pet Prisoner Costume, exclusively available at This tongue-in-cheek attire is perfect for the pet who's always up to no good, turning their naughty antics into a reason for laughter at your next pet parade, Halloween party, or photo shoot.

Naughty But Nice Design: Our Pet Prisoner Costume features the iconic black and white stripes with a matching cap, symbolizing the classic prisoner outfit but with a whimsical twist. The costume is designed to be both a humorous nod to your pet's mischievous side and a cute, attention-grabbing ensemble that's sure to spark conversations and smiles wherever they go.

Escape-Proof Comfort: Crafted from soft, breathable materials, this costume ensures maximum comfort for your pet, allowing them to move, play, and cause mayhem freely. The design is easy to put on and take off, ensuring that dressing up your little escape artist is hassle-free. Plus, the durability of the fabric means it can withstand even the most spirited of jailbreak attempts.

Sizing for All Kinds of Culprits: Whether your pet is a tiny accomplice or a larger-than-life mastermind, we've got them covered. Our Pet Prisoner Costume comes in various sizes to ensure a perfect fit for pets of all breeds and sizes. Adjustable straps and closures ensure the costume stays securely in place, no matter the escape plans your furry friend might have.

Only at This unique Pet Prisoner Costume is a exclusive, offering a playful way to celebrate your pet's personality. Alongside this mischievous attire, our website features an extensive collection of pet costumes, accessories, and party decorations, all designed with the same level of creativity and attention to detail.

Turn Mischief into Merriment: Embrace your pet's playful side with the Jailbird Pooch Pet Prisoner Costume and watch as they steal the show (and maybe a treat or two) at your next event. It's the perfect way to add a bit of humor to your pet's wardrobe and celebrate their endearing, albeit sometimes naughty, personality. Visit today to unlock a world of fun and laughter with this adorable costume!