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Classic Pay Phone Costume

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Step into a piece of communication history with the Pay Phone Costume from! This whimsical costume celebrates the bygone era of street-side pay phones. Designed as a one-piece tunic, it features a vibrant print that replicates the iconic look of a public pay phone, complete with dial pad and coin slot details. The costume includes a prop phone that can be held or hung, and even rings with classic calling sounds to add authenticity and interactive fun. Suitable for adults up to a men's large size with a chest measurement of 42 inches, and crafted from 100% polyester, this costume is both comfortable and eye-catching.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

Nostalgic Appeal: Brings back memories of the pre-cell phone days with its authentic design. Interactive Features: The ringing phone adds an element of fun and engagement to the costume. Easy to Wear: The tunic style allows for a quick and simple way to dress up and stand out. Versatile Use: Perfect for themed parties, Halloween, or any event where retro is celebrated. Perfect For:

Retro-Themed Parties: Immerse yourself in nostalgia at any gathering celebrating past decades. Halloween Celebrations: Stand out with a unique costume that goes beyond the typical spooky themes. Telecom or Tech Events: Perfect for industry gatherings, especially where vintage tech is appreciated. Costume Competitions: A strong contender with its detailed design and interactive elements. Shop Now: Are you ready to dial up the fun? Visit to get your Classic Pay Phone Costume. Connect with friends and party-goers alike as you bring a piece of the past to life!