Silver Cobra Ninja Child

SKU MSN824351
It is with warning, yet still excitement, that we bring to you the Child Silver Mirror Ninja costume that will mark your child having completed all necessary training to begin their most grand of adventures and ninjago missions: the candy acquisition! A long-sleeved pullover shirt with elastic-waist pants and short gloves make up the bulk of your tyke’s uniform. The black and silver-lined tabard shows the icon of the Dragon clan. But it is the hood that brings the most to this costume. The mirrored eye area is partly see through and reflective to any who dare look upon their foe. And, if you dare, you may fill the entire squad with the different colored teammates of black, white, red, and green. Add toy weapons for authenticity and greater candy-stealing might!

Features: Hooded Shirt, Pants, Padded Tunic With Light-Up Eyes, Arm Guards, Shin Guards, Face Mask, Battery Pack. Requires Batteries