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Versatile Potato Head Play Costume

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Celebrate a classic with the Mrs. Potato Head Costume from, adaptable for either Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head depending on the features you choose! This unique apron-style costume brings the beloved Potato character from Toy Story 4 to life and offers a fun, interactive dressing experience. The costume comes with both male and female features that attach via Velcro, allowing children to customize their look. Designed to fit child sizes 4-6, this costume encourages creativity and role-play, making it a perfect choice for parties, school events, or just everyday fun.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

Interactive Customization: Velcro features allow for easy switching between Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Iconic Design: Brings a favorite character from Toy Story 4 into the real world with a playful twist. Inclusive Fit: Comfortably fits children sizes 4-6, making it a versatile addition to any child’s costume collection. Perfect For:

Toy Story Themed Parties: Ideal for fans of the Toy Story series and those looking to recreate the fun. Creative Playtime: Enhances imaginative play with customizable features that promote engagement. Costume Events: Stand out at any costume party or during Halloween with a recognizable and beloved character. Educational Activities: Useful in school settings for discussions about characters and transformations. Shop Now: Are you ready to mix up some fun with a beloved character? Visit to get your Versatile Potato Head Play Costume. Create memories and spark imagination with this interactive and iconic outfit!