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Deluxe Monk Robe Ensemble XXL

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Embrace a look of solemnity and traditional style with our Deluxe Monk Robe Costume in XXL! This costume is ideal for historical reenactments, theatrical productions, themed parties, or any event where you want to portray a monk or a similar character. The costume includes a stylish brown lace-front robe with an attached hood and a matching belt, designed to provide an authentic and respectful appearance.

Crafted from a durable poly-cotton blend, this robe is comfortable to wear and easy to move in, making it perfect for all-day events. The adult XXL size is designed to fit sizes 48-50, accommodating a broad range of body types with ease.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

  • Authentic Design: The lace-front detail and attached hood capture the traditional monk attire.
  • Comfortable Fit: Made with a poly-cotton blend that balances comfort with durability.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for portraying monks, medieval scholars, or other historical figures.
  • Easy to Wear: The included belt helps adjust the fit and enhances the overall look of the robe.

Perfect For:

  • Historical Reenactments: Ideal for events that require accurate historical costumes.
  • Theatrical Productions: Enhance your performance in plays set in medieval or religious contexts.
  • Themed Parties: A great choice for medieval or religious-themed gatherings.
  • Film and TV Costumes: Suitable for characters in historical or fantasy film and television productions.

Why Choose The Costume Shop:

At The Costume Shop, we are committed to providing costumes that are not only visually striking but also historically and culturally respectful. Our Deluxe Monk Robe Costume is a prime example of this commitment, combining quality materials with authentic styling to ensure you have a memorable and appropriate outfit for any occasion.

Shop Now:

Ready to step into the serene role of a monk? Visit to purchase your Deluxe Monk Robe Ensemble XXL today and bring a touch of historical reverence to your next event!