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Free shipping with all orders over $40. Fast 2-4 business day shipping!

Classic Pilgrim Woman Costume

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Celebrate the heritage and simplicity of early American life with the Pilgrim Woman Costume from Ideal for holiday celebrations, historical reenactments, or theatrical productions, this costume features a full-length black dress that reflects the modesty and style of 17th-century colonial wear. The outfit is enhanced with a white apron, a matching collar, and a traditional bonnet, completing the authentic Pilgrim look. Whether you're participating in a Thanksgiving event or a historical play, this costume provides a respectful and accurate representation of Pilgrim women.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

  • Authentic Detailing: The full-length dress, apron, and bonnet offer a true-to-history look.
  • Comfortable Fit: Designed to be comfortable for wearing over extended periods, perfect for events or performances.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for educational presentations, Thanksgiving festivities, or as a unique costume choice for themed parties.

Perfect For:

  • Historical Reenactments: Bring history to life at school events, community theaters, or cultural festivals.
  • Thanksgiving Events: Ideal for hosting or participating in Thanksgiving celebrations.
  • Costume Parties: Offers a thoughtful and modest alternative to modern costume choices.

Shop Now: Step into the past and embody the spirit of early America with the Classic Pilgrim Woman Costume. Visit today to purchase your costume and add a touch of historical authenticity to your next event!