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Free shipping with all orders over $40. Fast 2-4 business day shipping!

Playful Pup Plush Costume

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Unleash the Fun! Become the center of attention at any dress-up event with the Playful Pup Plush Costume from This adorable costume is perfect for anyone who wants to channel their inner puppy. It features a cozy brown plush swirl fur body, creating a soft and huggable look that's impossible to resist. The darker brown fur on the belly adds a cute contrast, while the character-designed hood with puppy ears brings the playful pup to life. Completing the look are shoe covers that mimic the belly fur, blending seamlessly with the rest of the outfit.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

Adorable Design: The plush fur and charming details make you look like the cutest pup at the party. Comfortable Fit: Soft fabric and a roomy design allow for easy movement and a comfortable fit all day long. Easy to Customize: Simply add your own leggings and shoes to complete the look. Perfect for Any Occasion: Ideal for Halloween, children’s parties, or any fun costume event. Perfect For:

Kids’ Parties: Delight the little ones and add a dose of cuteness to any children's event. Halloween Gatherings: Stand out with a costume that's as sweet as it is soft. Pet-Themed Events: Perfect for pet fundraisers or animal shelter events. Dress-Up Photo Shoots: Capture adorable, themed photos that will be cherished for years. Shop Now: Ready to be the cutest pup on the block? Visit to purchase your Playful Pup Plush Costume today. Slip into the costume, adjust your hood, and get ready to fetch compliments all day long!