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Sinister Sadistic Clown Costume

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Unleash the terror of the circus with the Sadistic Clown Costume from! Crafted for those who love a good scare, this costume is a show-stopper at any spooky gathering or Halloween event. Featuring a red and white striped shirt with a deliberately distressed look, this costume sets a chilling tone. Paired with stark white pants and a matching red and white striped skirt, the ensemble is both striking and unsettling. The costume is completed with a classic clown collar, enhancing the eerie persona. Note that the wig and weapon are not included, allowing you to customize your frightful look further. Made from high-quality materials, this costume promises both impact and comfort.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

Chilling Design: Distressed stripes and bold red accents perfect for a haunting appearance. Mix and Match Potential: Customize with your own wig and weapon to create a truly unique look. Comfort and Fit: Designed to be both eye-catching and comfortable for long-term wear. Versatile Use: Ideal for Halloween, haunted houses, or any event that calls for a bone-chilling character. Perfect For:

Halloween Celebrations: Terrify and entertain in equal measure with a standout costume. Haunted Attractions: Enhance the scare-factor as a character in haunted houses or spooky events. Costume Parties: Be the center of attention with a look that's both captivating and creepy. Horror Film Events: Perfect for horror movie screenings or theme nights. Shop Now: Ready to dominate the night with a blend of horror and style? Visit to get your Sinister Sadistic Clown Costume. Step into the spotlight and let the screams begin!