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Free shipping with all orders over $40. Fast 2-4 business day shipping!

Snack Session Style - Adult Lunchables! 🍱✨

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🍱 Relive the Joy of Lunchtime! Step into a nostalgic slice of childhood with the Kraft Lunchables Adult Costume from This unique costume replicates the iconic Lunchables packaging, complete with vibrant graphics and authentic detailing. It's the perfect choice for adults looking to bring a bit of fun and whimsy to costume parties, themed events, or just a playful day out.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

Nostalgic Appeal: Embrace the fun and memories of your school days with a costume that looks just like your favorite lunchtime treat. Easy to Wear: Designed as a simple tunic, this costume slips on over your clothes for a fuss-free transformation. Conversation Starter: Guaranteed to spark conversations and bring smiles at any gathering with its familiar and beloved design. Perfect For:

Themed Parties: Stand out at retro or 90s-themed parties with a costume that evokes sweet childhood memories. Corporate Events: Ideal for company parties or team-building events, adding a light-hearted and fun element. Casual Social Gatherings: Bring humor and nostalgia to casual meet-ups or picnics. Shop Now: Are you ready to snack on some fun? Visit to purchase your Kraft Lunchables Adult Costume today. Dress up, step out, and snack your way through the best moments with style! 🌟🍱