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Free shipping with all orders over $40. Fast 2-4 business day shipping!

Authentic Orange Inmate Jumpsuit

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Experience the stark reality of a high-security lockup with our Authentic Orange Inmate Jumpsuit! Recognized as possibly the most authentic prison outfit in our collection, this costume features a zip-front orange jumpsuit that mirrors the attire found in correctional facilities. It includes screen print numbers on the front and "Dept. of Corrections" boldly printed on the back, adding to its realism.

Designed to fit adult male sizes with a waist of 34"-38" and chest of 42"-46", this jumpsuit offers both a realistic look and a comfortable fit. Please note: shoes are not included.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

Highly Realistic Design: From the color to the detailed prints, it captures the true essence of a prison uniform. Comfortable Fit: Spacious enough for easy movement without compromising the authentic look. Perfect for Themed Events: Ideal for Halloween, theatrical productions, or costume parties. Versatile Use: Can be accessorized with handcuffs or other props to enhance the convict theme. Perfect For:

Halloween Parties: Bring a touch of reality to your Halloween festivities. Theatrical Productions: Ideal for plays requiring authentic-looking costumes. Costume Parties: Stand out with a unique and realistic outfit. Photo Shoots: Create compelling and thematic content with a genuine look. Why Choose The Costume Shop:

Located in North Carolina, The Costume Shop is committed to delivering exceptional quality and authenticity in all our costumes. We focus on providing a diverse array of themed outfits to meet the unique tastes and requirements of our customers, ensuring satisfaction and an impressive presentation at any event.

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Ready to take on the role of a convicted inmate with an unmistakable touch of realism? Visit to purchase your Authentic Orange Inmate Jumpsuit today and make a memorable impression at your next event!