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Chocolate Chip Cookie |

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You can now dress up as a chocolate chip cookie! An old-time classic and a prized favorite of many. Savory, isn’t it? Double portion, please! Whether it’s Halloween, birthday parties, or even a fun-filled night, this Chocolate Chip Cookie Costume is perfect for any occasion. Made of super soft and comfortable material, your child won’t want to remove it! One size fits most kids, and we also carry it in adult sizes.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

Delicious Design: The chocolate chip cookie design is fun, whimsical, and instantly recognizable, making your child the center of attention. Comfortable Fit: Made from super soft and comfortable materials, ensuring your child stays cozy while wearing it. Versatile Use: Ideal for Halloween, birthday parties, themed events, or everyday dress-up fun. Perfect For:

Costume Parties: Let your child stand out at any costume party with this fun and unique cookie outfit. Halloween: A delightful and memorable costume choice for trick-or-treating. Themed Events: Ideal for any event where a touch of sweetness and fun is needed. Photo Shoots: Capture precious memories with this charming and photogenic costume. Important Information:

Includes: (1) Chocolate Chip Cookie Tunic Material: Super soft and comfortable fabric Sizes: One size fits most kids; also available in adult sizes Care: Hand wash cold, line dry, do not bleach Awesome customer service! 24/7 live customer support!

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The Costume Shop is dedicated to providing Amazon customers with excellent service and top-quality products. As an independent company, we feature a beautiful collection of superb quality Halloween and year-round costumes. We offer fancy dress costumes, wigs, and exciting accessories in all sizes ranging from infants, boys, girls, teens, men, and women. We pride ourselves in offering only the highest quality, so please order with confidence. As an authorized seller with thousands of satisfied customers, we are here to serve you. Please contact us with any questions. We appreciate your business.

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