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Big Banana Bash Costume

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Go bananas at your next event with the Banana Costume from! This one large, over-the-head costume is made from polyfoam and designed to look like a ripe banana, adding a fun and fruity twist to any party. Its comfortable, lightweight design ensures you can move freely and enjoy the festivities without any fuss. The costume fits most adult sizes, making it a versatile choice for various body types. Whether it's for Halloween, a themed party, or just for laughs, this banana costume is sure to be a hit.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

Eye-Catching Design: Instantly stand out in a crowd with a bright and bold banana shape. Lightweight Comfort: Polyfoam material makes it easy to wear for hours. One-Size-Fits-Most: Accommodates a wide range of body sizes for inclusive fun. Easy to Wear: Slip on over the head for a quick and simple transformation.

Perfect For:

Costume Parties: Bring a tropical flair to any gathering. Sporting Events: Cheer on your team with unique and spirited attire. Marketing Promotions: Ideal for promoting health, wellness, or grocery events.

Shop Now: Ready to peel into some fun? Visit to purchase the Big Banana Bash Costume. Make a splash with this playful, eye-catching outfit at your next party or event!

Q1: How can I care for and store the polyfoam material to keep the costume in good condition? Q2: What are some creative pairing ideas for a group costume that includes the Banana Costume? Q3: Are there any tips for enhancing visibility and comfort while wearing an over-the-head costume like this one?