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Free shipping with all orders over $40. Fast 2-4 business day shipping!

Sebastian Rabbit Mascot Ensemble

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Rally the crowd and bring high spirits to any event with the Sebastian Rabbit Mascot Ensemble, exclusively at This mascot costume is designed to embody Sebastian Rabbit, a cheerful and energetic character perfect for sporting events, parades, and school functions. Made from white acrylic faux fur, the outfit includes a plush jumpsuit with matching mitts and feet, topped with an oversized head that features friendly, engaging eyes. A sporty jersey adds a touch of team spirit, making it ideal for cheering on your team to victory. This one-size-fits-most costume ensures you'll be the center of attention and the spirit of any celebration.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

Team Spirit: Perfect for sports events and pep rallies, helping you support your team with enthusiasm. Full Coverage: Complete with head-to-toe components for a total character transformation. Comfort and Visibility: Designed for comfort and visibility, ensuring you can wear it through long events without discomfort.

Perfect For:

Sports Events: Become the heart of excitement at games, tournaments, and team events. School Functions: Engage students and boost school spirit during assemblies and special school days. Community Celebrations: Add fun and animation to community fairs, parades, and public gatherings.

Shop Now: Become the ultimate crowd pleaser and spirit booster. Visit to secure your Sebastian Rabbit Mascot Ensemble today and start spreading cheer and excitement wherever you go!

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