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Needle Man Halloween Costume

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Dare to be different this Halloween with the Needle Man Costume, exclusively available at This unique ensemble combines the mysterious allure of a dark, flowing robe with the edgy sophistication of a pleather corset, creating a look that's both intimidating and stylish. Designed for those who wish to make a bold statement, this costume does not include a sword, leaving room for you to customize your accessory choices to suit your personal style.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

  • Mysteriously Stylish: The dark robe flows dramatically, paired with a rugged pleather corset that adds a tough, stylish edge.
  • Customizable Ensemble: With the sword not included, you have the freedom to choose or craft your own accessories, tailoring the look to your exact preferences.
  • Comfortable Fit: The materials used are designed for comfort and durability, ensuring you can wear this costume throughout the night with ease.

Perfect For:

  • Halloween Parties: Stand out at any Halloween event with a costume that blends dark fantasy with rugged charm.
  • Cosplay Events: Ideal for cosplay enthusiasts looking to bring a unique character to life.
  • Photo Shoots: Create captivating, mysterious, and powerful imagery in this striking costume.

Shop Now:

Explore the realm of the dark and daring with the Needle Man Halloween Costume. Transform into the enigmatic figure you’ve always wanted to portray and own the night.


  • Costume set includes the dark robe and pleather corset.

Ships From: Los Angeles

Sizing: Adult One Size Fits Most

Step into the shadowy world of Needle Man with this distinctive costume and carve out your own legend this Halloween!