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68" Soothsayer Digiteye Witch Prop

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Unveil a haunting glimpse of the future with the 68" Soothsayer Digiteye Witch Animated Prop. This decrepit old witch, standing at 68 inches tall, is a perfect addition to your Halloween decor. She holds a mystical color-changing crystal ball that entices spirits to draw close, adding an eerie touch to any haunted scene. Her head turns side to side, and her luminous Digiteyes (patented technology) spring to life when you enter her proximity. The witch's hand waves back and forth, enhancing her lifelike presence.

Draped in a ragged, tattered shawl over an aging long brown robe, the Soothsayer Witch is a sight to behold. Her gnarly teeth protrude from her moving mouth as she speaks one of five discomforting phrases, adding to her menacing aura. This prop can be assembled standing or sitting on a chair, providing versatility in your display.

Why You'll Love This Prop:

Terrifying Design: Features a detailed witch with luminous Digiteyes, a color-changing crystal ball, and a ragged appearance for a spooky effect. Animated Features: Head turns, mouth moves, and hand waves as the witch speaks five eerie phrases to create an engaging and frightening display. High-Quality Construction: Made from durable materials with snap-together rods for easy assembly and long-lasting use. Impressive Size: Standing at 68 inches tall, this prop is sure to be a standout piece in your Halloween setup. Versatile Use: Can be displayed standing or sitting, ideal for haunted houses, Halloween parties, and spooky displays where you want to create a thrilling atmosphere. Easy Setup: Includes easy-to-assemble components and multiple activation options (Steady-On, Infra-Red Sensor, Step-Here Pad). Perfect For:

Halloween Decorations: Enhance your spooky decor with this lifelike and animated soothsayer witch prop. Haunted Houses: Create a chilling and immersive experience for guests with this eerie witch. Halloween Parties: Add a spooky and entertaining element to your party with this engaging prop. Spooky Displays: Use this prop to bring a haunting touch to your Halloween setup. Important Information:

Includes: (1) 68" Soothsayer Digiteye Witch Animated Prop, (1) Step Activation Pad, (1) Universal Adapter with 4 interchangeable plugs Shipping: Special shipping information applies. This item ships separately and is not eligible for expedited shipping. Must ship to a physical address, no P.O. Boxes. Note: Requires a standard UL adapter (included). Use with caution and keep away from flames. Assembly required, taking less than 30 minutes.

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