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Twitching Scarecrow Animated Prop

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Make way for a very special scarecrow with a message for you! This 36-inch Twitching Scarecrow Animated Prop will add a menacing air of mystery to your haunted scene. His arms wave back and forth, his head with yellow light-up eyes turns, and his orange pumpkin face with a jagged mouth moves while he speaks five different eerie phrases:

  • Saying #1: "Ah, look who comes this way, more seeds to add to the earth... This patch has been barren for too long, but now with your help, I will bring to life more of my kind, and all it takes is more of your bones. HAHA."
  • Saying #2: "Hello foolish mortal, you have strayed too far into my field, into my grasp. Your fate is sealed, and soon my children will arise to bring your doom."
  • Saying #3: "Yes, come closer, let me gaze upon your face... I once was a living person like you, but a witch trapped my soul in this magical body of sticks. If you meet her, send her my way, I have a stick to pick with her."
  • Saying #4: "I've been bound together with sticks of a dying tree to scare away the fowl creatures that feed here. You aren't here to steal my crops, are you? I keep some sticks handy to throb trespassers, get the point? You best be running along now. HAHA."
  • Saying #5: "A dismal fall evening is upon us, and soon the creeps and crawlies will be slithering among us. Do you have somebody to keep you safe? I would be happy to guard you for a modest price. What is your soul worth? MWahaha!"

This scarecrow is made of an injection-molded and blow-molded plastic frame with bendable wire arms. His plaid shirt with rope belt and patched pants costume is trimmed generously with plastic straw at the wrists, ankles, and from under his pointed hat. Motion-activated with a try-me option. Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included).

Why You'll Love This Prop:

  • Menacing Design: Adds a spooky, eerie atmosphere to any haunted scene.
  • Animated Features: Arms wave, head turns, and eyes light up, creating a dynamic and engaging display.
  • Detailed Craftsmanship: Made from durable materials for long-lasting use and enjoyment.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for haunted houses, Halloween parties, or any spooky event.

Perfect For:

  • Haunted Decorations: Enhance your haunted decor with this eerie scarecrow prop.
  • Spooky Gatherings: Create a chilling and thrilling atmosphere at Halloween parties and events.
  • Retail Displays: Attract customers with this captivating and spooky display piece.
  • Everyday Fun: Use this prop to add a touch of horror to your home throughout the Halloween season.

Important Information:

  • Includes: (1) Twitching Scarecrow Animated Prop
  • Shipping: Price includes carrier’s oversize shipping charges.
  • Note: This is a decorative prop, not a toy. Keep away from flames and use with caution.

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