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Ravenclaw Wizard Academy Robe

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Step into the hallowed halls of Hogwarts with the Ravenclaw Wizard Academy Robe, available at This deluxe robe, designed for adult fans of the Harry Potter series, proudly features the Ravenclaw crest, symbolizing wisdom and wit. Crafted with a black exterior and lined with blue satin in the hood and lapels, this robe evokes the elegance of Rowena Ravenclaw's legacy. While the robe comes without pants, a white shirt, tie, wand, or shoes, it offers the perfect base for a complete Ravenclaw student ensemble. Suitable for sizes 14-16, it's ideal for costume parties, fan conventions, or any magical gathering.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

House Pride: Display your Ravenclaw house pride with the prominently featured crest. Luxurious Detailing: Blue satin lining adds a touch of class and comfort to the classic wizard robe. Versatile Costume Base: Easily accessorize with personal items to complete your Hogwarts student look.

Perfect For:

Harry Potter Themed Events: Immerse yourself in the Wizarding World at book releases, movie showings, or fan gatherings. Educational Events: Ideal for school events, library reading days, or educational panels. Costume Parties: Stand out with authenticity and elegance at any costume event.

Shop Now: Channel your inner Ravenclaw and celebrate intelligence and creativity! Visit to purchase your Ravenclaw Wizard Academy Robe today and make your magical mark!

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