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Cat & Mouse Reversible Costume - Double the Fun! 🐱🐭

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🐱🐭 Why choose one when you can be both? With the Teen Girl's Cat & Mouse Reversible Costume from, your Halloween can be twice as fun! This clever costume allows you to switch between a sassy cat and a mischievous mouse with ease, thanks to its fully reversible stretch knit dress. The dress features removable and adjustable shoulder straps and a ruffle hem adorned with gold trim, ensuring a stylish and comfortable fit. The costume includes a removable tail, a belt with a gold buckle, and separate ear headbands for each animal, allowing for quick transformations. Note: Tights are not included in this 5-piece set.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

Versatile Design: Easily switch between a cat and a mouse, giving you two costumes in one for various party themes or mood changes. Comfort and Fit: The stretch knit fabric and adjustable straps provide a comfortable fit that adapts to your movements. Attention to Detail: Gold trim and a stylish belt enhance the costume’s appeal, whether you’re a cat or a mouse. Fun Accessories: Separate ear headbands for each look allow for quick changes, making it perfect for interactive Halloween events. Perfect For:

Halloween Parties: Enjoy the flexibility of switching your look mid-party or wear a different one to multiple events. Themed Events: Ideal for animal-themed gatherings or any festive occasion requiring a cute and clever costume. School Costume Events: Stand out at school functions with a costume that’s fun and adaptable. Photo Shoots: Create diverse, playful photos in both the cat and mouse personas. Shop Now: Ready to double your costume fun this Halloween? Visit to purchase your Teen Girl's Cat & Mouse Reversible Costume today. Choose your animal, adjust your straps, and step into a night of whimsical adventures! 🌟🐱🐭