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Pupasaurus Rex Dog Costume

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Transform your furry friend into a prehistoric predator with our Pupasaurus Rex Dog Costume! Perfect for Halloween, costume parties, and themed photo shoots, this adorable costume will turn your dog into a charming little raptor. The costume features a foam-backed fabric headpiece, a foam-padded body suit with arms, and a tail, making your pet the star of any event.

Crafted from high-quality materials, this costume ensures both comfort and durability, allowing your pet to enjoy their adventures in style.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

Prehistoric Design: The foam-backed fabric headpiece, foam-padded body suit with arms, and tail create an authentic and adorable Pupasaurus Rex look. Comfortable Fit: Made from soft and durable materials, ensuring your dog stays comfortable while wearing it. Easy to Wear: Simple to put on and take off, making it convenient for pet owners. Versatile Use: Perfect for Halloween, parties, themed photo shoots, or everyday fun. Perfect For:

Costume Parties: Let your dog be the star of any costume party with this adorable Pupasaurus Rex outfit. Halloween: A fun and unique costume choice for trick-or-treating with your furry friend. Dress-Up Fun: Ideal for imaginative play and adding a touch of prehistoric magic to everyday activities. Photo Shoots: Capture memorable and entertaining photos with this charming costume. Important Information:


  • Foam-Backed Fabric Headpiece
  • Foam-Padded Body Suit with Arms and Tail Sizes: Available in various dog sizes Care: Hand wash cold, line dry, do not bleach Note: Shoes not included Awesome customer service! 24/7 live customer support!

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