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1000 Watt Fog Machine

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Our most powerful fog machine, the 1000 Watt Fog Machine, is a favorite among professionals who need a fogger capable of producing a large volume of fog. Perfect for creating a spooky atmosphere at Halloween parties, theatrical productions, or any event requiring a dramatic effect, this fog machine delivers an impressive 3500 cubic feet of fog per minute.

The fog machine includes a remote control for convenient operation but does not come with a timer. It requires fog fluid, which is not included, ensuring you have everything you need for uninterrupted use. Designed with a standard 110V plug, this fog machine is easy to set up and use, making it a versatile addition to your event planning toolkit.

Why You'll Love This Fog Machine:

High Output: Produces 3500 cubic feet of fog per minute, perfect for creating a dramatic and spooky atmosphere. Professional Quality: Loved by professionals for its powerful fog output and reliable performance. Remote Control: Includes a remote control for convenient operation. Easy Setup: Standard 110V plug ensures easy setup and use. Versatile Use: Ideal for Halloween parties, theatrical productions, events, and more. Perfect For:

Halloween Decorations: Enhance your haunted house or Halloween party with a powerful fog effect. Theatrical Productions: Create dramatic effects on stage with this high-output fog machine. Events and Parties: Perfect for adding an eerie ambiance to any event. Professional Use: Loved by professionals for its reliability and high performance. Important Information:

Includes: (1) 1000 Watt Fog Machine, (1) remote control Output: 3500 cubic feet per minute Power: Standard 110V plug Fog Fluid: Requires fog fluid (not included) Remote: Included, no timer Care: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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