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Vegas Party Survivor

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Channel your inner party animal with the Vegas Party Survivor costume from Inspired by those wild nights in Las Vegas that are best left unremembered, this costume kit includes everything you need to become everyone's favorite goofball. The set features a signature wig and beard combo, classic aviator sunglasses, and the essential baby carrier complete with a stuffed baby accessory. Perfect for creating a bit of humorous mystery about your "night out," this costume is a guaranteed hit for Halloween or any costume party. Don't forget to practice your most awkward smile—this look is sure to be a photo favorite! Add your own shirt and pants to complete the ensemble.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

Hilarious Concept: Brings the fun and mystery of a night in Vegas right to your party. Complete Kit: Comes with all the essential accessories to ensure your character is instantly recognizable. Easy to Wear: The poly-cotton blend materials and simple add-your-own-clothing setup make it comfortable and versatile for partying all night long. Perfect For:

Halloween Parties: Ideal for guests who appreciate a good laugh and a memorable outfit. Movie-Themed Gatherings: Perfect for fans of wild, party-themed movies. Photo Opportunities: With its built-in humor and iconic accessories, you’re sure to capture some great moments. Shop Now:

Ready to recreate the unforgettable that you'll never remember? Visit to purchase your Vegas Party Survivor costume today. It's time to bring the spirit of Vegas to your next party and leave everyone guessing just how epic your night was!