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Free shipping with all orders over $40. Fast 2-4 business day shipping!

Classic Pilgrim Girl Costume 🍂👧

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🍂 Step Back in Time! Celebrate the spirit of the early American settlers with the Classic Pilgrim Girl Costume. Perfect for Thanksgiving plays, historical reenactments, or any costume event, this traditional ensemble features a long gray dress with a crisp white collar and cuffs, giving it an authentic colonial look. The costume is completed with a white apron and a matching bonnet, embodying the modesty and simplicity characteristic of Pilgrim attire. Designed for young girls, this costume combines historical accuracy with comfort for all-day wear.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

Authentic Details: The gray dress with white accents captures the essence of Pilgrim attire, perfect for educational settings or festivities. Complete Set: Includes dress, apron, and bonnet for a full period look without the need for additional purchases. Comfortable and Practical: Made with materials that ensure comfort and durability, allowing for participation in activities and events without restriction. Versatile Use: Ideal for Thanksgiving celebrations, school history days, or as a unique option for Halloween.

Perfect For:

Thanksgiving Events: Ideal for school plays or community events centered around the Thanksgiving holiday. Historical Reenactments: Bring history to life at fairs, historical sites, or educational programs. Costume Parties: Stand out with an educational and beautifully detailed costume. Photo Shoots: Create charming, timeless photos that capture the spirit of the colonial era. Shop Now: Ready to transport to the times of the early settlers? Visit [Your Costume Shop URL] to purchase your Classic Pilgrim Girl Costume. Embrace the past with attire that's as educational as it is charming! 🍂👒