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Ocean Predator Sand Shark Costume

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Dive into the role of the ocean's stealthy predator with the Ocean Predator Sand Shark Costume from! This unique and exciting costume lets any child become the most fearsome creature of the sea. Designed as a light gray polyfoam tunic, it features a dorsal fin on the back and a tail fin at the bottom for a realistic shark appearance. The costume's mouth opening, rimmed with white jagged teeth, serves as the face opening, ensuring good visibility and safety. Easy to wear over regular clothes, this costume is both comfortable and impactful, making it perfect for Halloween, school events, or any fun occasion. Fits children sizes 7-10, made from 100% polyester for durability and easy care.

Why You'll Love This Costume:

  • Realistic Shark Features: Complete with dorsal and tail fins, along with a tooth-rimmed face opening.
  • Easy and Comfortable: Simply slip it on over regular clothes for a quick transformation.
  • Safe Design: Provides good visibility through the mouth opening, ensuring safety while wearing.

Perfect For:

  • Halloween: Make a big splash trick-or-treating as a sand shark.
  • Themed Parties: Ideal for sea or animal-themed birthday parties.
  • Educational Events: Great for school presentations about marine life.

Shop Now: Ready to rule the underwater world? Visit to purchase your Ocean Predator Sand Shark Costume. Transform into a captivating sea creature and have a fin-tastic time at your next event!