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Who is Mrs. Claus

Who is Mrs. Claus

5 Ways to Be A Sexy Mrs. Claus this Christmas 

Here at the Costume Shop, we want to give you the very best insight into the characters you choose to play at your holiday parties. Part of that is accomplished by giving our valued customer some background information. The more you understand about your costume’s personality the better you’ll be able to maximize your impact with our amazing inventory of costumes and accessories! Today, I want to tell you about Mrs. Claus and the ways you can spice Christmas up a little this holiday season! 

The First Mrs. Claus Movie

The first Mrs. Claus movie was a short film about a little girl and her gift for her mother (Mrs. Claus). The film was called “The Gift of the Magi”, and it was based on the Christmas poem “The Gift of the Magi”.

The short film was released in 1945 and starred a man named Walter as the narrator. He explains that a woman named Mrs. Claus, who lives in a little house all by herself, makes wonderful gifts for all the children.

At the end of the short film, Walter explains that the film is based on a true story. But he quickly points out that Mrs. Claus does not exist in real life. He states that the story is just a “fairy tale”.

What do you think of Mrs. Claus? We have a number of ways you can express your inner Mrs. Claus. Continue below for The Costume Shop’s tips and product guide so you can stand out this holiday season!

If you’re looking to surprise Santa this year, this sure is the perfect place to come. Have a look at our sexy Mrs. Clause outfits that’ll be sure to spice up those ginger snaps! We have a whole array of sexy Santa related products that you will love! Just to name a few of our best sellers Santa Cutie Costume, Santa's Chic Sexy Mrs. Claus Costume, and Christmas Fantasy Sexy Santa Costume.

5 Tips on How to be Sexy Mrs. Clause!

This Christmas you could :

  1. Have a Mrs. Claus outfit with a built-in Santa beard.
  2. Wear your hair down and straight with some curls around the front of your face, or wear it in a voluminous curly updo.
  3. Wear some heels that are comfortable to walk in and also match your beautiful Mrs. Clause attire (these can be red, black, or even gold!).
  4. Add a few white pearls to your outfit for sophistication, but also because they resemble snowballs!
  5. Add some bling to your outfit with a diamond necklace, earrings, and bracelet for that ultimate Christmas glam look!

The Idea Behind the Outfit

The idea behind this outfit is to surprise Santa Clause and give him a present of his own. In most cases, Mrs. Clause dresses up in a conservative manner to meet Santa. However, this year, she wants to dress in an unexpected way that will catch his eye.

How? By dressing as a sexy Mrs. Clause! Below you’ll find many ways to please Santa this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Christmas Eve Outfits

It's important to think about what you'll wear for the day. You don't want to dress sexy all day, but rather, just in time for the moment when you meet Santa.

Wear something that's low cut and will show your cleavage like our Sexy Miss Claus. Paired with a pair of sexy high heels, this outfit is guaranteed to get his attention as you walk up to him!

Some may prefer an elegant Christmas attire - this can be achieved by wearing a red velvet mini skirt with white fur trim or even a velvet skirt with matching thigh-high stocking just like Santa’s Helper.

No matter what kind of Mrs. Claus outfit you choose, make sure it's something that will show off your best features! And rest assured you can show them off by shopping right online at the The Costume Shop.

Mrs. Claus Costume Ideas for All Sizes

Did you know that Mrs. Clause can be any shape or size?

This isn't to say that you don't have to wear the traditional outfit for this costume. It's simply to say that you can still dress up as Mrs. Clause in different ways or even just put your own twist on the usual methods. You could also change up the colors if you want without compromising the essence of this costume.

If you want to go all out, then we recommend dressing in the typical outfit with accessories like gloves, earrings, lipstick, wrist cuffs, boot cuffs, or even a sequin santa hat.

You could also wear a woman's suit instead of the typical dress and exchange your heels for black boots! For example, check out the Sexy Miss Santa.

Body Type and Size

If you're curvy, then this is your time to shine! A Mrs. Claus outfit for a curvy woman should include a dress that accentuates your waist and chest. If you're looking for dress ideas, take a look at the gorgeous selection in stores like Ashley Stewart.

Matching accessories are also an option. For example, wear a sexy Santa hat with earrings that match!

If you're tall and thin, then you'll want to go with a more fitted dress that's fitted through the waist and thigh area. This will make your legs look longer than they really are by drawing attention to the part of your body where you have more curves. We have a great selection to help complete your look: Santa’s Envy, Santa Cutie, or the Sexy Jingle.

Personal Style

If you are going to dress up as Mrs. Clause, then you need to make sure that your personal style is what you want to wear. It's important to find a style that will flatter the body type and show off some skin. You can dress up in a very sexy style or become more conservative - it's all about how you want to present yourself.

Number of Kids

Some people think that the more kids a woman has, the more Mrs. Claus costumes they should wear. If this sounds like you, then consider shopping at the Costume Shop.

Where You Live

This is the first, and probably most important factor when deciding on how to dress up as a sexy Mrs. Clause. There are certain parts of the country that have more conservative attitudes than others, so it's important to consider where you live before you start shopping for your outfit.

If you live in a place like New York City or Los Angeles, then chances are you'll be able to wear something much sexier than someone living in a more conservative place like Utah or Alabama. If you're not sure what your city would think of this type of outfit, just do some research online or ask the locals about their opinions on dressing sexy for Christmas. Here are a few examples from the Costume Shop to get you started: Miss Santa, Secret Santa, and Santa’s Inspiration.

Now that you know how to dress as a sexy Mrs. Clause and you know what to keep in mind when shopping for your outfit, it’s time to head over to The Costume Shop and get started on your Christmas shopping! The holiday season is all about joy, happiness, and spending time with loved ones. What better way to celebrate than with a Sexy Mrs. Claus outfit?

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