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Mascot and Logotipos

Mascot and Logotipos

Mascot and Logotipos

ok, today I am excited to make my first post with great encouragement and I have in mind that any reader likes it and likes it,

and we start.

It has been seen in the professional leagues of the NBA, the MLB, and the NHL, being all the sports teams of American origin or almost all of them provided a mascot, likewise these people who wear the costume of our favorite mascots, are in charge to entertain us, the spectators who watch their shows both on television and at sporting events in the stadiums. all this during halftime or downtime and partial time and above all to warm up the room with the cheerleaders. with his pirouettes; amazing dunks. and we must not forget the incredible insane stunts that are just some things that can be done so as not to bore the public present, with this we want to substantiate that a mascot became inevitable in the NBA franchises.

Some mascots outperform the ball-throwing talents like Hugo Gorilla, others have no trouble making the whole stage and viewers laugh like Lucky, the Leprechaun. Others have favoritism in choosing to sled down the bleachers or dive or slide from the ceiling across a rope like Squacth

Likewise, the end of the beautiful cheerleaders, the Mascots make an excellent game of basketball being a true spectacle. With a staging of a very high level. bringing a pang of great humor to the show than the sporting events of the NBA league.

Next, the mascots also make their appearance in a large part of the actions carried out by the NBA, whether in hospitals, schools or in lower communities such as the most disadvantaged neighborhoods, this being the goal of visiting the thousands of civilians and thousands of children to bring a little joy and happiness to these.

Best Pet of the Year Awards

2001 Rocky, (Denver Nuggets)

2002 Rocky, (Denver Nuggets)

2003 Clutch, (Houston Rockets) and Squatch (Seattle SuperSonics)

2004 Gorilla (Phoenix Suns)

2005 Coyote (San Antonio)

2006 Raptor (Toronto)

2007 - (mention: Benny the Bull)

Yes now!

It's time to write about the title of this blog

the mascots of the logos of the prestigious and wonderful NBA.

chronologically is

the green Ball logo where Tri Cities Black Hawks is written, this represents the names of the three cities that make up the team.

1951-55 Depicts a Falcon depositing a ball into a basketball basket with Milwaukee and Hawks writing.

1960-69 is unhaclon with attitude of behaving like a basketball player holding a ball.

1969-72 Atlanta Hawks written in blue and red on a falcon excited to diblar.


A graph of a hawk's head is found inside a green circle.

1993 Logo celebrating the 25th anniversary of the franchise's presence in Atlanta

1964-96 A beak of a red falcon shown inside a circle whose border is red.

1996- 2007 1996-2007 A red falcon with wings spread, holding a ball. About him is written Atlanta Hawks

2003- currently known as an alternative logo that shows the head of a red falcon in profile

2007- Until today Current logo, a red and blue falcon with wings spread, holding a basketball. About him is written Atlanta Hawks


Name: Leprechaun Lucky the

Favorite Players: All those who wear a green and white jersey!

Preferred number: number 18, due to the fact that the next Celtics title will be number 18

Favorite food: pizzas with green peppers.

Favorite drink: Gatorade

Best Company: All other NBA mascots and all Celtics in the world

Favorite Entertainment: “Luck the Irish” and “Celtic Pride”

Favorite musicians: Green Day, Boston, AL Green

Favorite book: “Green Eggs”

Leprechaun Lucky Logos

1947-70 shows an elf wearing a crown and a jacket with its characteristic green color, excited to jump,

1970-78 Goblin spinning a round ball on his fingers

1978-97 show a different gray and green goblin spinning a ball on his finger.

1997- currently a color leprechaun that moves a ball on his finger

celtics logo

1947--52 a green circle where Celtics is written and a drawing of a clover.

1971- Currently, the alternative logo that represents a three-leaf clover

1997- Logo that was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the franchise


Name: Rufus Lynx

Number: 04

Species: Bobcat

Address: SouthPaw Area, Charlotte

Family: He had a sister, Sting of the Charlotte Sting in the WNBA

Size: Nobody managed to measure it

Favorite colors: Orange and blue

Favorite dishes: Pizza, roast dog

Phobias: silent fans and losing their sunglasses

Experience: Participated in the 2004 All Star Games in Los Angeles

Rufus Lynx logo

2004- currently an orange Bobcat head is used on a blue background on which Charlotte Bodcats is written

2004-07 Alternate logo depicting an orange head on a basketball

2008- Currently an orange and blue lynx head is used, 

chicago bulls


Name: Benny the Bull

Size 6'6

Number: 1

born: 1969


1967 Currently the Chicago Bulls are depicted in black on a red 

1996- logo that commemorates the 30 active years of the franchise


name: Moondog

height: 6'0

body weight: 200lbs

favorite food: Croquettes

Likes: The Girks Genets


written around a balcony of a ball in front of which is a jockey.


name: Champ cipher number: 0 Gaming Background: making people laugh

Pet: Mavs Man Figure Number: 1 Ability: Do somersaults with the ball


1980- -2001 Wears an M with a cowboy hat in front of a green basketball ball. Dallas Mavericks transcribed at right

2001 Currently the logo is represented by a gray shield that forms a circle made up of a blue basketball and a horse's head. Mavericks is transcribed under the circle

denver nuggets

mascot: Rocky

birth: december 90s

born in the rocky mountains

with a height: 5'10

Body weight: 154 lbs.

Skill: Possesses a monstrous shooting percentage from the center of the basketball court and was named America's Best Sports Mascot in 2001 and 2002

their logos are as follows

1967-71 A ball surrounded by white, Rockets is inscribed in a band that cuts in a circle

their logos are as follows

1967-71 A ball surrounded by white, Rockets is inscribed in a band that cuts 

1974- 81 Shows the logo of an excited worker happy with his behavior as  Below it is written Denver Nuggets.

1981- 94 Represents a semicircle in which the buildings of Denver are distinguished.  Thus showing buildings and the sky are colored red, yellow, green and purple. 

1994-2003 A snow-capped mountain under which Denver Nuggets is written in red

2003 - Until today A mountain whose summit is snowy under

1992 Logo celebrating the franchise's 25th anniversary

2003 - Until today "DN" written in yellow and blue, the blue forms a mountain top

Detroit Pistons


name: Hopper

animal: horse

year: 1996

height: 6'7

number digit: 00


1948-57 represents a metal man with a Z symbol in the center

1957-71 Detroit Pistons Transcribed in red letters on a ball;

1971 - 75 Detroit pistons transcribed in mustard colored letters on a basketball

1979- Detroit pistons transcribed in white letters

2005- currently uses a representation of the Detroit Pistons that transcribes on a blue circled ball

major league

1949-57 contain a huge red letter Z inside which is written Major League

with fire in a circle, which is completed by a basketball.

001-2005 Alternate logo showing an orange ball surrounded by blue over which Pistons is written 

Rapper Drake becomes the main star of the professional NBA Basketball league for his teasing

To conclude this blog for many NBA fans, we will leave you with a description of some of the most controversial events in the history 


We are talking about the new logo of the Toronto Raptors basketball team!

who had the shameless act of copying brooklyn when they saw the famous artist and rapper Drake was on the design team

the famous Drake born in Toronto, taken by surprise to the media, all this caused by his continuous taunts in basketball games that have made more than one furious

in a morning game that the Raptors played on their field, the Air center.

He has always declared himself a fan of basketball and his city's team, and one of the seats at the foot of the court bears his name.

his intervention, sought or not, has been a trigger for a new rivalry to begin to be forged in the NBA.

The beginning of the conflict between the two teams came with the victory of the Toronto Raptors in the third game, which ended with a victory for the Canadians after two . It was precisely at the beginning of the second when Drake began to mess it up,  committed the personal sixth that left him out of the game.

There's certainly no room for fans or whatever Drake is for the Toronto Raptors. 

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