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Wooden Coin AirPod Case

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This wooden case offers a privileged style! Indeed, a piece is inlaid in the leather belt that surrounds this beautiful AirPods 1&2 hull.

Its wooden design as well as its leather belt inlaid with a metal piece will make your Apple case elegant and chic! Designed to withstand heat, cold and drops, this case will make your AirPods indestructible.

If you are interested in the AirPods shells designed by our craftsmen, come and discover our wooden AirPods case collection.

Made of high-quality wood, this case will definitely please you.

  • 100% natural maple Wood
  • Ecological clear varnish: odourless
  • 2 magnets implemented in the top part  of the case: maintains the feel of the magnetic lid when used
  • Ergonomic: precise cutting at the loading port
  • Reinforced leather thickness: 5 mm
      • Compatible with 1st and 2nd AirPods Case
      • Free shipping worldwide