Spill It Tea Cup Size 2-8

SKU MSN815301
Spill the tea! I swear to spill the tea, the whole tea, and nothing but the tea! The Spill It Tea Cup Costume can help you do just that! PARTY FRIENDLY FUN: Designed for comfortable wear for party friendly fun. The costume includes a tunic. Foam rim on cup and saucer. Foam filled handle. "Spill it" hang tag and attached tulle skirt. Fits most women sizes 2-8. Easy wear & care! 100% Polyester. Hand wash inside out. Air dry. Freshen with steamer or cool iron.

Features: Costume includes a tunic
Foam rim on cup and saucer
Fits most women sizes 2-8
100% polyester
Care Instructions:
Hand wash with cold water inside out, use mild soap. Do not Bleach. Do not Dry Clean. Hang or lay flat to air dry. Freshen with steamer or cool iron.
Material: 100% polyester