Darth Vader Supreme Costume

by Rubies
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Supreme Edition Darth Vader Star Wars Costume

Costume Includes:
Darth Vader faux-leather Jumpsuit with quilted pants and sleeves, faux leather gloves, cape, heavy duty injection molded armor pieces (collar, shoulder, shin guards, boot tops and belt) cast from original Lucas Studios molds, gloves and gauntlets. 

Important Product Information:
Red Lightsaber Not Included. Sold Separately. A second person's help may be required to put this costume on as there are many parts to it.

Supreme Collector Vader Mask
Includes full oversized supreme edition Mask and Helmet set made in heavy injection molded Cast from the original Lucas Studio molds.  ABS material. Mask has a battery operated breathing box that will simulate Vader's breathing at the touch of a button. The speaker inside the helmet is connected to a wired remote controller.  

Chest Piece 
Battery operated LED chest piece has an/off switch in the back. When the chest piece is turned on the red lights alternate flashing and green lights stay on. (2 AA Batteries)

Belt Buckle Side Boxes (QTY 2)
Battery operated LED Belt Boxes. (Pictured directly to the left and right of Vaders Belt Buckle. Two large green lights and one red light stay on when switched. (2 AA Batteries each box)

Max height for STD is 6ft tall, 46 Chest

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