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Mascot Costume Information

NOTE: This Mascot costume has a production time of roughly 2-3 weeks. Please keep this in mind when ordering a mascot as it will usually take up to a month for you to receive the mascot.

You are about to purchase one of the highest quality Mascot costumes designed and produced in the United States. Uniquely designed, sculpted, manufactured, and hand painted by skilled artisans.

The head of this mascot is constructed with semi-rigid foam sandwiched between two layers of natural latex. This design allows for flexibility that prevents against breakage should it be accidentally dropped.

Additionally, extensive research has gone into the design to provide the best vision, ventilation, and comfort possible. This mascot costume head comes equipped with a free motorized fan at the top of the head and additional ventilation panels have been added for easy breathing. Cooling vests and Cooling collars are also available in our accessories section for an additional charge.

  • Mascots are designed as "One Size Fits Most" for adults ranging from 5'4"(162cm) to 6'2"(183cm) and chest size up to 60"(152cm).
  • Vision on most mascots is usually through the eyes, though some mascots have vision through the mouth either exclusively (depending on the costume) or in the mouth and eyes together. The eyes are screened and allows you to see without being seen.

Your mascot will also come with a Product Care instruction sheet that when followed will provide years of continued life and enjoyment.

  • Approximate Weight of most mascots is 12 pounds. The head alone will usually weigh 4-5 pounds, depending on the costume.

Most animal mascots come in 4 parts. The head, body, hands and feet are all separate. The hands/mitts run all the way up to the elbow. So there will be no strain on the neck, the head of the mascot will rest on the shoulders and has straps that you put your arms through for added support.

  • Free Motorized Fan included ($50 Value) with this Mascot Costume!