Fireball Tank Dress And Bottle

SKU MSN819609
You better call for a ride home when you dress up as a Fireball Bottle and Mini Bottle!This funpolyester Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Tunic is great to slip over your regular clothes so you can become the life of the party. The Fireball Mini TankDress with Bottle Cap Hatis the perfect size for a shot of fun. Just make sure to wear responsibly. The Tunic fits up to a men's size 46, and the Tank Dress fits women's size 4-8.

Features: Includes: 2 Costumes in Each Package
One Size Fits Most
Easy to Wear and remove
Spot Clean with damp cloth
Great Couples or Best Friends Outfit
Care Instructions:
Wipe clean with damp cloth. Air dry.
Material: Polyester