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Where There Is No Imagination, There Is No Horror: Top 5 Alien Masks

Where There Is No Imagination, There Is No Horror: Top 5 Alien Masks

We all fear what we don't understand, which is why alien costumes are always a surefire way to scare many people and collect countless treats. If you’re planning to cosplay as an alien this coming Halloween, you better complete that outfit with the appropriate headgear or mask!

We have listed the Top 5 Alien Masks for you to try out this coming Halloween!


1. Alien Mask Deluxe

What better way to kick off this list than by featuring the most popular alien from the hit 2004 film “Alien vs. Predator”. The Xenomorph has been a staple for many alien-themed cosplays, especially if they’re looking for the scary and sci-fi vibes. Prank and scare your friends, be a threat to humanity and stalk trick-or-treaters with this intimidating alien cosplay. Just be wary of the Predator, you might be thinking you’re the threat, but to them, you’re just a sport. Complete your alien look with this Xenomorph head accessory!


2. Area 51 Mask

Are you looking for the classic alien look this coming Halloween? Then look no further, for this Area 51 alien mask is the perfect one for you! This alien has large eyes, gray skin, a bulging forehead, and an emotionless look. It is great for people who don’t want a scary costume but an eccentric one. It is made from high-quality latex and features a full-face, over-the-head construction. Be weird and be fun with your friends with this textbook alien look!


3. Time Traveler Resurrection

All hail our new overlords! Rule the galaxy with this futuristic and high-tech sci-fi alien mask. It is an over-the-head mask made of high-quality latex and was individually hand-painted and sculpted to perfection. It has a cool breathing apparatus, bright orange eyes, and a gray metallic skin tone. A wonderful pick for anyone who wants to go off the usually scary trope of Halloween costumes, and would rather prefer to have that cool and futuristic outfit for trick-or-treating this Halloween.


4. Alien Host Costume Latex Mask

Do you want to combine both the horror and alien genres? Then this mask is an excellent pick for you! This is a full over-the-head latex mask that resembles an alien completely overtaking its human host. It is frightening and haunting to say the least, a proper nightmare fuel. Go on and spook other people with this horrifying mask!


5. Alien Face Hugger Latex Mask

Let’s end this list with another alien from the movie Alien vs. Predator, the Facehugger. This mask resembles a human host with an attached Facehugger on his/her face. The Facehugger is actually just a parasitoid form of the bigger and badder alien Xenomorph, technically it is still a Xenomorph, but in its infant years. Send spine-chilling creepiness to friends and families alike as you become a host to a very dangerous alien species!


OOPS… Before you go!

Still searching for that perfect alien look for an upcoming event? Don’t worry because we got you covered! Browse and choose from the vast collection of alien masks in our official costume shop!

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