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Timeless, Hot, and Classy: The Top 5 Women's Greek & Roman Costumes

Timeless, Hot, and Classy: The Top 5 Women's Greek & Roman Costumes

Let’s wind back to the times of ancient Greece and Rome with these awesome costumes! Become a goddess, a mythological creature, or a humble citizen of Greece and Rome by donning these outfits. Rule with your elegance and beauty, whether it be the city of Athens or just a simple event; with this list, you will have the right outfit to rule them all! Be the life of the party and the center of attraction with these exquisite and alluring costumes!

You better come and try these Top 5 Women's Greek & Roman Costumes that we have listed just for you!


1. Athena Goddess Costume

Starting off this list is a vibrant outfit that includes a bright blue romper and a slit skirt. With this costume, you can finally cosplay Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, handicraft, and practical reason. You can also view Athena as the embodiment of “girl power” in ancient Greece; she’s smart, fearless, and smoking hot. Liven up the party and strut around gracefully in your events with this Athena Goddess Costume!


 2. Grecian Babe Costume

Become an instant Greek hottie with this sexy costume. Complete your Greek look with this one-shoulder dress and a lace-up waist cincher. It is a pretty simple yet classy look, a pristine white cloth with a dash of gold highlights. Whether you’re mingling with your fellow aristocrats in fancy gatherings or partying like there’s no tomorrow, this outfit is sure to make you stand out!


3. Roman Toga Costume

Want a modest Roman-themed costume? Then this one is perfect for you! This outfit features a toga with a shoulder drape. It gives a clean and sophisticated look, a textbook appearance of what you would imagine a female citizen of ancient Rome would look like. It also comes in different colors besides white; this costume also comes in red and purple, a perfect color for the royalties!


4. Sultry Spartan Costume

Looking to be fierce and seductive? Then you better check out this Sultry Spartan Costume! With this costume, you will make even the Persian empire fall… in love! It is mainly black and red; it includes a mini dress with an attached cape, adjustable straps, and arm guards. Whether you’re looking to party or fight against an army, this costume has your back!


5. Medusa Snake Lover Costume

Gaze upon Medusa’s beauty, and despair! Become an unforgiving creature of beauty and power with this beautiful and sexy costume! It includes a keyhole romper with snake detail, a detachable drape skirt, and a medusa headpiece. Men will have a hard time keeping their eyes off of you once you don this outfit but too bad, you just might catch them staring and turn them into stone.


OOPS… Before you go!

Still not satisfied with what’s on our list? Then worry not, for you still have plenty to choose from with a bunch of other Women's Greek and Roman Costumes to complete your look in our official costume shop!  

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