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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For The Top 5 Clown Masks!

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For The Top 5 Clown Masks!

What is a Halloween without those creepy and unnerving clown masks? Scare your friends and family and laugh as they show off their shocked and scared reactions! Have fun trick-or-treating with these creepy clown masks!

We have listed the Top 5 Clown Masks that you should definitely try!


1. Pennywise - Deluxe Mask

Starting off this list is the mask that is based on the widely popular clown character Pennywise from the blockbuster horror movie “It”. Startle strangers, scare your friends, and have fun with your family as you roam around trick-or-treating the entire neighborhood. Strike fear into the hearts of children and hog all the treats with this fearsome mask.


2. Creepy Giggles Latex Mask

Are you looking for a scary yet cool clown mask? Then look no further because this mask is perfect for you. This mask looks like it came straight off an anime. It is flashy and uses striking colors, it has a bright red nose and lips, purple eye makeup, and green spikes that make it look so bold. It may have been the perfect sinister clown villain.


3. Dammy The Clown Latex Mask

Searching for a clown mask that will surely bring the fright This mask is creepily wrinkled to realistically emulate the true skin texture of an older man, even capturing its big pores. It really looks scary coupled with those bright colors such as red for its lips and nose, blue for its eye makeup, and triple spiked hair. Those bright colors vastly contrast with the dull and dark shades of its bloodshot eyes and teeth that are maroon from the gums, as if it has dried up blood.


4. Carving Pumpkin Mask

A mask that is both creepy and creative is the Carving Pumpkin mask. It is as if a seemingly harmless pumpkin suddenly manifested a spooky clown face on the inside and gnawed its way out. The shiny red nose is a fine touch to its dull color scheme, it really is an eye-catcher, but don’t let it distract you from its rotting yellow-brown teeth. Don’t turn your back on it, better to always look out for those menacing teeth, those things are hungry for both pumpkin and flesh, stay alert and never give it a chance to bite you!


5. Jingle Jangle Latex Mask

A perfect combination of a clown, jester, and demon. This mask has multiple horns with bells on each tip which completes its jester/demon look. A gaze from your eerie eyes with white pupils and black sclera will send those trick-or-treaters chills. Get ready to scare strangers and watch as they flee from the sound of your bells!


OOPS… Before you go!

There is just this satisfying feeling when you’re scaring other people, seeing their faces get twisted in shock, and then laughing at them as you reveal yourself, it is just so fun! Hop in the Halloween fun and find the perfect costume for you. Our shop has loads of options to choose from whether you’re searching for a costume for Halloween or just want to prank your friends. Please check out other creepily awesome clown masks in our official costume shop.

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