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Especially Tailored For You: The Top 5 Women's Plus Size Costumes

Especially Tailored For You: The Top 5 Women's Plus Size Costumes

When life gives you curves, you better flaunt them! Maybe the only thing holding you back is that it is so hard to find even a single decent outfit for plus-sized women, and it is quickly becoming a problem. The fashion industry doesn’t give enough love to plus-sized women, but worry not, for we have costumes for every shape and size, whether you’re petite, average, or plus size. You can now relieve yourself of the chore of finding cute, sexy, and/or elegant outfits, for searching for them will be a breeze when you browse in our shop, and now you can focus on the only thing that matters: looking good! Keep slaying, Queen!

Here we have listed the Top 5 Women's Plus Size Costumes that you should definitely try!


1. Caped Nurse Costume

It seems that a nurse costume has always been a staple of cosplaying events, because why not? Who wouldn’t love a fun and sexy-looking nurse? This outfit includes a white satin dress with red details and zip-back closure, a red satin cape with lace detail, an attached white collar, and a nurse cap. Treat your lovesick patients while wearing this awesome caped nurse costume!


2. Miss Sexy Krueger Costume

Is Halloween coming already? Looking for a scary but sexy costume? Then this one is perfect for you! Dress up as the horrifyingly seductive Miss Krueger. The boys must be wary because with your razor-sharp claws you could slash them into ribbons, and with your killer looks you could steal their hearts, both figuratively and literally! This costume includes a tattered mini-dress sweater with sexy cut slashes across the midriff, gloves, and a hat. Haunt their dreams… but you just might become their beautiful nightmare with this sexy Miss Kreuger costume!


3. Wonder Woman Costume

Want to feel that girl power? Better suit up with this Wonder Woman costume! It has that flashy and heroic vibe that is sure to boost your confidence and make you stand out. This costume includes a dress, cape, headband, bracelets, and boot tops. Save the day with this awesomely cool costume!


4. Madame Butterfly

Are you planning on reconnecting to your Oriental roots? Then you better check out this outfit! The outfit comprises a satiny kimono with a matching waist sash. This is a great way to have fun with your significant other as you walk around a festival, trying every stall that you come across, and finally at midnight, have that incredibly romantic moment with your partner as you both watch the fireworks light up the sky. Being attractive and comfortable has never been this easier!


5. Day Of The Dead Lady

Día de los Muertos is an extremely social holiday that spills into the streets and public squares at all hours of the day and night. What better way to celebrate it than dressing up and participating in such an event? This outfit is composed of an off-the-shoulder dress that has sheer sleeves and a full skirt with a skull print and ruffled edge. Just couple it with skull makeup on your face and you’re off to mingle with the masses on this joyful holiday! Remember the dead, and celebrate with the living with this vibrant outfit!


OOPS… Before you go!

Still not satisfied with what’s on our list? Don’t panic, for you still have plenty to choose from with a variety of other Women's Plus Size Costumes to complete your look in our official costume shop!        

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