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Better Behave Boys, The Sheriff Is In Town!: Top 5 Women's Police Costumes

Better Behave Boys, The Sheriff Is In Town!: Top 5 Women's Police Costumes

It’s gonna be a busy day, prepare for a lot of paperwork because the boys are gonna be acting up once they see you in these outfits! The troublemakers might even turn themselves in just to get a glimpse of you, you smoking hot officer. Dive right in and turn yourself into a cool and classy cop!

Look no further for we have already listed the Top 5 Women's Police Costumes for you to try out!


1. Seductive Cop Costume

Badass and sexy, that’s what this costume is. This is the kind of costume that would make a lot of guys say “You better cuff me, officer, I might do something naughty”. Completing this hot cop look are a zip-up long-sleeve top, pants, a police hat, a badge, handcuffs, and a baton. Stop crime and keep the city (or party?) safe with this seductive cop costume!


2. Sheriff Shine Cowgirl

Pretty in pink! Who wouldn’t love to see a sexy cowgirl sheriff in a pink outfit? It just looks so sassy, fashionable, and sexy! This outfit includes a vinyl bra top, shorts, chaps, a belt, a bandana, and a pair of fringe cuffs. The Wild West is gonna go wild upon catching a glance at this cute and sexy sheriff. Become the main event at any party, and catch some outlaws with this vibrantly pink sheriff costume!


3. Officer Hottie Costume

That’s her, officer, that’s the one who stole my heart - oh wait! SHE’S THE OFFICER! The troublemakers are sure to flock to you and watch as they turn themselves in just to take a look at your beauty. This costume includes a hat, zip-up long-sleeve top, shorts, belt, badge, handcuffs, and a baton. Get ready to strut around and uphold justice with this slick Officer Hottie Costume!


4. Deputy Patdown Costume

Hold onto your horses and be a good boy because there’s a new sheriff in town, and you wouldn’t want to be on her bad side. You can never go wrong with catsuits, and that goes the same with female cops. It highlights your curves and amplifies your innate hotness. This outfit is composed of a tan zipper-front spandex catsuit, black belt, toy walkie-talkie, and badge. Clean up the streets, and light up the party with this Deputy Patdown Costume!


5. Deputy Dottie Police Costume

This costume is a classic look that captures the essence of a policewoman’s charm. It is a pretty modest yet still stylish outfit, perfect for those who will attend conservative events where risqué outfits may be deemed inappropriate. This outfit includes a two-toned blue pin-up dress with short sleeves, a belt with grommet detail, and a hat with "police" embroidery. Keep the boys in line while having fun at your gatherings with the Deputy Dottie Police Costume.


OOPS… Before you go!

Still looking for that perfect police costume that will fit your taste? We got you covered, for you still have a bunch of options to choose from with plenty of other Women's Police Costumes to complete your look in our official costume shop!

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