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Become the Protector of Gotham City with these Top 5 Batman Costumes!

Become the Protector of Gotham City with these Top 5 Batman Costumes!

The night is darkest just before dawn, get ready to serve some justice in Gotham city by donning these costumes. Strike fear into the hearts of evildoers, save innocent civilians from danger, or just plainly become the center of attention in any event that you walk into.

Come and try these Top 5 Batman Costumes that we listed just for you!


1. Batman Collector Costume

Impress fellow Batman fans with this comically accurate depiction of the most iconic version of Batman. This costume includes many items to help you transform into a buff yet cartoonish Batman. It has a molded latex headpiece, foam-filled latex chest piece, and two biceps to name a few, all in all, it is a twelve-piece set to help you look like a real-life cartoon Batman! Geek out with other Batman nerds while looking cool in this costume!


2. Batman Costume Collector Edition

Trying to find a great movie-accurate Batman costume? Look no further for this costume is based on the blockbuster 2012 Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises”. It is a ten-piece suit that is composed of a dark black shirt, pants, satin cape, and mask; the rest are six molded pieces. This is probably one of the coolest iterations of Batman suits that we’ve seen in films. Suit up with this high-tech and edgy-looking costume for your events and you’ll be sure to become the life of the party!


3. Batman Costume Deluxe

Does it look very familiar? If you haven’t noticed yet, it is still based on the hit 2012 Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” albeit it has a lot more casual look, it is still a great costume nonetheless. It is a seven-piece set composed of a spandex jumpsuit, molded chest piece, and a few other accessories. It is perfect for individuals who want lightweight and more breathable party attire. Stalk the night while staying comfy and casual with this unique Batman costume!


4. Batman Costume

Recognize where this came from? This costume is based on the box-office hit 2008 Batman film “The Dark Knight”.  It is a three-piece set comprising a muscle chest jumpsuit with boot tops, a headpiece with a cape, and a belt. Party with your friends while also protecting Gotham city and reminding the troublemakers to cower in fear whenever they see the bat with this sensational Batman costume!


5. Batman Armored Costume Dawn Of Justice

Searching for a cool Batman costume for your kid? Then look no further, this costume is sure to make your kid shine out of the crowd with its very high-tech and futuristic-looking appearance! This costume is based on the phenomenal 2016 Batman and Superman movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. It is a four-piece set that includes a padded jumpsuit, belt, cape, and mask. The suit is complete with an armored look that will surely make your kid feel like he’s invincible – just make sure that your kid won’t pick fights with Superman again.


OOPS… Before you go!

Keep your city safe, protect the innocent and uphold justice with these Batman costumes.  Surprise your friends with a high-quality Batman suit at your next party! Please check out other fantastic Batman costumes in our official costume shop.

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